Remote Sensing and Archaeology

Remote Sensing and Archaeology

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Author: Alok Tripathi
Editor(s): Alok Tripathi
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 333
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175741554


Space technology has enormous applications in the field of archaeology. Data generated through satellite remote sensing have successfully been utilised for better understanding of evolution of man and his activities in the past.

This book provides an introduction to the remote sensing technology and its applications in the field of archaeology. It exposes archaeologists to the modern scientific developments in the field of space technology by presenting basic technological information in a simple language. It contains research articles contributed by expert scientists which illustrate practical applications of remote sensing methods in various fields of archaeology for identification of buried or sunken ancient sites, delineation of large monuments, palaeo-channels and quantitative geomorphol-ogical mapping, monitoring and management of archaeological sites.

A number of case studies of ancient Indian cities, like Kausambi, Srasvasti, Sisupal-garh, Nalanda, Dvaraka, Ujjain, Baroda, Hampi, and Adams Bridge, Indo-Gangetic Plain, etc. demonstrate utility of high resolution remote sensing data.

Studies of palaeo-channels of Sarasvati, Sabarmati, Banas, etc. in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu included in the book are of great significance for understanding palaeo-environment and geomorphol-ogical changes for archaeological interpretation. The book would bring the archaeol-ogists and scientists together for utilisation of latest technology in the field of archaeology for study and preservation of cultural heritage.






1. Remote Sensing: An Introduction / Alok Tripathi
2. Utility of Remote Sensing Methods and Applications / D.R. Tiwari
3. Aerial Photography / Alok Tripathi
4. Remote Sensing in Archaeology / M.L. Jhanwar
5. Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing in Archaeology / Alok Tripathi
6. Remote Sensing in Archaeology / P.D. Balaji
7. Utility of Remote Sensing in Archaeology / P.K. Garg and Nirupama
8. Three-pronged Approach in Remote Sensing Appreciation of Archaeological Potential of a Region / J. Manuel
9. Identification of Archaeological Sites from Space / P.V. Sathe and A.S. Gaur
10. Identification of Potential Archaeological Sites in Kachchh, Gujarat using Remote Sensing / P.S. Thakker
11. Identification of Dvaraka through Satellite Remote Sensing / Alok Tripathi
12. Probable Site of Ancient Dvaraka through Remote Sensing / P.S. Thakker
13. Ruins of Hampi from High Resolution Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study / Uday Raj, K.P. Poonacha and S. Adiga
14. Remote Sensing of Cosmic Cities in Ancient India / P.S. Thakker
15. Remote Sensing of Ujjain City / A Place of Archaeological Interest in Western Madhya Pradesh, India / P.K. Verma
16. Baroda / An Urban Growth / Bindu Bhatt, Runki Mukherjee and R.K. Mishra
17. Delineation of Certain Large Monuments in and around Udaipur through Landsat MSS Data / P.K. Gupta
18. Palaeo-channels and their Archaeological Significance in Tamil Nadu, India / S.M. Ramasamy
19. Remote Sensing of the ‘Lost’ Sarasvati River / Yash Pal, Baldev Sahai, R.K. Sood and D.P. Agrawal
20. Probable Course of Vedic River Sarasvati Through Remote Sensing Data / P.S. Thakker
21. Inter-relationship Between Palaeo-drainage Courses and the Archaeological Sites found in the Sarasvati River Basin, Western Rajasthan / A.K. Gupta, G. Sreenivasan and J.R. Sharma
22. Mapping of Palaeo-channels along the River Sabarmati and Banas in Gujarat using Landsat Data / P.S. Thakker, G.C. Bhatnagar, M.K. Rao and M.H. Raval
23. Flood Hazard of Nagaon (Undivided) District of Assam: A Geo-historical Perspective / M.Kar
24. Study of Ancient Ports of Gujarat using Remote Sensing Data / P.S. Thakker, M.H. Raval and A.R. Dasgupta
25. Remote Sensing and Coastal Archaeological Exploration along Southern Part of Coromandal Coast, India / V.J. Loveson and G.V. Rajamanickam
26. IRS Views the Adams Bridge (Bridging India and Sri Lanka) / Anjali Bahuguna, Shailesh Nayak and Benidhar Deshmukh
27. Remote Sensing of Palaeo-environment and Climatic Changes / N.K. Vyas
28. Landform Analysis, Study of Palaeo-environment and Geomorphological Changes / A Case Study of Indo-Gangetic Plain for Archaeological Interpretations / D.K. Ghosh
29. Remote Sensing Applications in Quantitative Geomorphological Mapping / Om Prakash Dubey
30. Role of Geographic Information Systems in Archaeology/ Nirupama and P.K. Garg
31. Applications of Remote Sensing Methods in Underwater Archaeology / Alok Tripathi