Glimpses of Bengal - A Comprehensive, Archaeological, Biographical and Pictorial History of Bengal,

Glimpses of Bengal - A Comprehensive, Archaeological, Biographical and Pictorial History of Bengal,

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Author: A Claude Campbell
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 432
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175741295


A fabulous compilation of life and times of Bengal 100 and more years ago. Over 115 histories and biographies with illustrations, make this journey into the past a very special one. This is the first representation of the most characteristic architectural and natural beauty of Bengal. Not just beautiful words, painted pictures, but actual photographs have been taken by the author himself. In the early nineteenth century this was a stupendous task of intellectual and physical labour. Thanks to this mammoth effort of A Claude Campbell, we have available to us today an authentic, personally vouched and researched documentation of a very important era in the history of India.

Every spot described was personally visited by the author. Every Indian aristocrat mentioned in this compilation was actually visited and interviewed by the author, although it has to be mentioned that historical facts mentioned and stories related are as told to the author by the personages themselves and may leave much scope for argument.

Not only the well known historic buildings, archaeological remains, but coverage has been given to the less accessible parts of the country as well. Specially to the natural wonders, relics of by gone days.



PREFACE.-Lord Curzon-Sir Andrew H. Leith Fraser-The Late Sir John Woodburn

HISTORY OF BENGAL.-The Governors, Lieutemant-Governors and Viceroys-History of Murshidabad-Nawab Nazim Firadum Jah-Her Highness Nawab Shums-i-Johan

His Highness the Maharaja Sir Nripendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur of Cooch Bihar-Nawab Sir Kadar Sayd Hassan Ali Mirza Khan Bahadur of Murshidabad-Maharaja Dhiraj Bahadur of Burdwan-Maharaja Sri Rameswara Singh Bahadur of Durbhanga-The Late Maharaja Sir Krishna Pratap Sahi Bahadur of Hutwa-Maharaja Sir Ravenshwar Parshad Singh Bahadur of Gidhaur-Maharaja Bahadur Sir Jotendra Mohun Tagore-Maharaja Sriram Chandra Bhuj Deo of Mourbhanj-Maharaja Girija Nath Roy of Dinajpur-Maharaja Sir Harballabh Narayan Singh Bahadur of Sonbursa-Maharaja Surya Kanta Acharya of Mymensingh-Maharaja Manindra Chandra Nandy of Cossimbazaar-Raja Narput Singh Deo of Porahat Singhbhoom-Raja Sourindro Mohun Tagore-Raja Ranjit Sinha Bahadur of Nashipur--Rai Banamali Rai Bahadur of Pubna-Raja Promoda Nath Ray of Dighapattia-Rai Manmatha Nath Mitra Bahadur-Khan Bahadur Mirza Shajaat Ali-Rai Setab Chand Nahar Bahadur-Rai Mani Lal Nahar Bahadur-Prithvi Chand Lal Choudhry of Purnea-Khan Bahadur Mahmed Ali Nawab Chowdhury of Tippera-Kumar Manmatha Nath Roy Chowdhury of Santosh

CALCUTTA EARLY HISTORY.-Fort William-Siege of Calcutta-The Black Hole-Holwell Monument-Data of Modern Calcutta-Warren Hastings-Madame Grand

GOVERNMENT HOUSE.-Barrackpore Park-Belvedere and Southern Suburbs-Hastings House-Zoological Gardens-Kalighat and Garden Reach-The Royal Botanical Gardens-The Presidency General Hospital

THE MAIDAN.-Imperial Museum-St.Paul`s Cathedral-Eden Gardens-Modern Fort William-The High Court-The Town Hall-The River Hughly-The Bengal Nagpur Railway System-Seebpore College-Port Commissioner`s Office-East India Railway Offices

DALHOUSIE SQUARE AND ENVIRONS.-Royal Insurance Company`s Buildings-The Town of Calcutta North-Burra Bazar-Calcutta University

THE INDIAN NOBILITY OF CALCUTTA-The Tagore Family-Maharaj Kumar Sir Prodyot Kumar Tagore, Kt.-The Prasad-Tagore Castle-Emerald Bower

DACCA DIVISION.-Historical Retrospect-Nawabs of Dacca-Nawab Bahadur Salimollah-Nawab Bahadur Sir Ahsunollah-Nawab Bahadur Sir Abdul Ghuni

MODERN DACCA.-Places of Historical Interest in Dacca-The Great Kuttra-The Chowk-The Small Kuttra-Lall Bagh-The Fort-The Imambara-Tungi Bridge

RAJA - Sir Sourindro Mohun Tagore-Dwarka Nath Tagore-Maharshi Devendra Nath Tagore-Maharaja Durga Churn Law-Maharaja Sir Narendra Krishna Deb Bahadur-Nawab Bahadur Abdul Luteef-Khan Bahadur Abdur Rahman-Moulvi A.K.M. Abdus Subhan-Nawab Bahadur Syed Amir Hossein-Raja Degumbar Mitra

JHAMAPUKUR HOUSE.-Kumar Mamatha Nath Mitra-"Mohan Kanana" Dum Dum-Kumar Narendra Nath Mitra-Rai Bahadur Kailash Chunder Bose-Mr. Roostumjee Dhunjeebhoy Mehta-Mr. Heerjeebhoy Manackjee Rustomjee-Prince Dara Jah Mirza Muhammad Abdul Aly

THE "MUNSI" HOUSE OF TAKI AND BARAHANAGAR.-Family History of Babu Ramanath Ghose-The Mullick Family-Dr.Sarat Kumar Basu Mullick-The Late Dr.Trailakya Nath Mitra-Babu Neel Comul Mookherjee-Mr.R.N.Mookherjee-Babu Promatha Nath Mullick-The Late Kumar Radha Prosad Roy-Seth Dooly Chund-Rai Buddree Dass-Jain Temple-"Mopokim Niwas"


STATE OF COOCH BEHAR.-His Highness the Maharaja Sir Nripendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur-Her Highness Maharani Sunity Devee-Material Condition of the People-Agriculture and Manufactures-Historical Retrospect-Rai Calica Das Dutt-Places of Interest in Cooch Behar State-Cooch Behar Palace-The Marriage of Princes Sukriti Sundari of Cooch Behar

MURSHIZADA-Asif Kadar Sayud Wasif Ali Mirza of Murshidabad

PRESIDENCY DIVISION-Murshidabad Palace-Moulvi Khondar Fuzli Rubbee, Dewan-Babu Janaku Nath Paure,B.A., Naib-Dewan, etc.