Studies in Buddhism

Studies in Buddhism

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Author: K Krishna Murthy
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 251
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067988


The present book embodies selective in-depth research papers of Dr Krishna Murthy discussing various aspects of the subject, written with remarkable scholarship and sensitivity. He has brilliantly examined nerve topics like the quintessence of Buddhism, the Buddhist pathway to perfection, Buddhist ideologies transmuted in stupa, the cult of the bodily relics of the Buddha, the wheel symbolism, the Buddhist architecture, Pan-Asiatic expansion of Buddhism in Burma, Tibetan and Chinese and Japanese Buddhist art and architecture, the Buddhist Pali and Sanskrit and Tamil sources and the like.



1. Buddha and Buddhism
2. Some Buddhist Pali and Samskrit Works
3. Tamil Sources of Buddhism
4. Quintessence of Buddhism
5. The Buddhist Pathway to Perfection
6. Kaleidoscopic Iconography of Buddha
7. Buddhist Ideologies transmuted in Stupas
8. The cult of bodily Relics of the Buddha
9. The Wheel Symbolism in Buddhism
10. Buddhist Architecture
11. Early Buddhist Monasteries
12. Tantric Buddhism
13. Pan-Asiatic expansion of Buddhism
14. Buddhism in Burma
15. Buddhist Philosophy and symbolism, imbibed in the scheme of the Tibetan Stupa (MC`ODRTEN)
16. The Tibetan Astal Iconography
17. Chinese Buddhism and Buddhist Art
18. The Buddhist Art Tradition of China
19. Buddhist Art and Architecture of Japan
20. Borobudur Stupa