Royal Patronage to Indian Music

Royal Patronage to Indian Music

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Author: M Hariharan
G Kuppuswamy/
Editor(s): M Hariharan / G Kuppuswamy
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1984
Language: English
Pages: 232
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


A study on the royal contribution and patronage of Indian music, which happens to be the major theme of this volume, has been attempted in a comprehensive manner. The period of study ranges from the second century B C to the present century, and covers most the regions of India.

Contributions of more than seventy royal scholars and patrons have been taken up in this work, e g Chikkadevaraja Wodeyar, Ettendra Maharaja, Gonvinda Dikshita, Haripala, Krishnadevaraya, Mahendravarman, Rana Kumbha, Serfoji, Shahaji, Swati Tirunal, Somesvara, Tulajai, and Vidyaranya.

Two separate chapters have been devoted to the works of King Shahaji and Swati Tirunal Maharaja of Travancore. A new theory on the identification of the much publicized Kudumiyamalai musical inscription has also been attempted.



1. Introduction
2. Royal Scholars And Patrons Upto 12th Century
3. Royal Scholars And Patrons From 13th to 15th Centuries
4. Royal Scholars And Patrons During 16th And 17th Centuries
5. King Shahaji And Other Maratha Rulers of Tanjore
6. Svati Tirunal Maharaja of Travancore
7. Later Royal Scholars And Patrons Upto the Present Time
8. A Study In Retrospect