The Uttaratantra of Maitreya  (SANSKRIT TEXT + ENGLISH)

The Uttaratantra of Maitreya (SANSKRIT TEXT + ENGLISH)

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Author: E H Johnston
Translator(s): E Obermiller / H S Prasad
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1997
Language: multilingual
Pages: 306
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170302633


This book is in four parts. The first part consists of Introduction by H S Prasad. He argues for sempiternal, dynamic and substantive reality underlying all appearances. He shows that as one rises to a higher level of consciousness, the various Yanas, like sravankarayan, pratyekabuddhayana, bodhisattvayana and mahayana, all merge into ekayana; for each contributes to the gradual realization of the oneness of ultimate reality, thus paving the way for the emergence of universal culture. On Prasad's view the much talked-about negativism of the Madhyamika - sarvadrstisunyata - is not an end itself, rather it is a basis for the realization of the essential unity of all beings, sentient as well as insentient, leading to the cultivation and promotion of universal good, compassion and friendliness.

In the second part is reprinted the Sanskrit text of Maitreya's Uttarantantra ( Ratnagotravibhaga). The third part includes corrections and emendations suggested by Jikido Takasaki in the Sanskrit text in the light of Tibetan and Chinese versions. The fourth part is an English translation of the text from its Tibetan version by E Obermiller.

The book is a radical departure from the traditional interpretations of Buddhism and the Madhyamika philosophy in particular. It aims at reviving philosophy as a cultural activity, a path to enlightenment and spiritual discipline.


Introduction by H S Prasad

Sanskrit Text
The Ratnagotravibhaga Mahayanottarantantrasastra
Edited by E H Johnson

Corrections and Emendations to the
Sanskrit Text of the Ratnagotrravibhaga
by J Takasaki

English Translation
The Sublime Science of the Great Vehicle to Salvation
Being a Manual of Buddhist Monism
The Work of Arya Maitreya with a Commentary by Aryasanga
By E Obermiller

Technical Terms
Works, Authors, and Schools.