Indian Caste System - A Study

Indian Caste System - A Study

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Author: C Hayavadana Rao
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 77
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120602706


There is nothing so unique in India, nothing so all-pervasive in India as caste. Normally one may expect that so common a theme would be as well understood as it is talked about. But it does not take one long to discover how involved it is and how ignorant we are about it.

Some good research has been done throwing some light on its complexity, but a goodly portion of it lies buried in census reports or learned tomes, and the man in the street, even an educated one, knows precious little about it.

In writing this book on a subject of great complexity but of considerable practical value, the author has been guided mainly by two considerations: first, that what has been said on it by observers and writers of some authority should be more widely known among those who are desirous of seriously studying it; and secondly, that the lines that research into it should take hereafter should, if possible, be clearly grasped before any tangible results could be hoped from it.

This book will stimulate an intelligent interest in the subject. The author has suggested various lines on which further research is still anxiously awaited.


Historical Study of Caste
Origin of Caste: Brahmanism
Origin of Caste: Some Early Theories
Origin of Caste: Theories of Nesfield and Senart
Origin of Caste: Sir Herbert Risley's Theory
Origin of Caste: The Indian Theory
Effects of Caste