Roma - The Gypsy World

Roma - The Gypsy World

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Author: S S Shashi
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 253
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067449


This first anthropological study of gypsies is the result of an extensive socio-anthropological survey covering twenty-five countries of Europe, America and the erstwhile USSR. This is a vivid account of the Banjara and other nomadic communities of India and the world. The scholar has not only applied successfully the traditional techniques of research of participant and nonparticipant observation, but also his own approach and methodology.

The book is based on his eleven- year long research centred on the gypsies, who have preserved and lead their nomadic or seminomadic lives throughout the world, even in advanced countries.



1. In Search of New Man
2. The Sociology of Nomads
3. History of Gypsy Migration and Persecution
4. Socio-Economic Structure
5. Marriage
6. Religion
7. The Gypsy Law(KRIS)
8. Roma Art and Culture
9. Roma in Europe and America:
(i) Roma in Hungary
(ii) Roma in Romania
(iii) Roma in Italy
(iv) Roma in Sweden
(v) Roma in Finland
(vi) Roma in Greece
(vii) Roma in Belgium
(viii) Roma in Germany
(ix) Roma in Yugoslavia
(x) Roma in USSR
(xi) Roma in Britain
(xii) Roma in America(USA)
10. Roma, Today and Tomorrow
11. Appendices