Researches in Archaeology and Conservation

Researches in Archaeology and Conservation

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Author: P K Mishra
Editor(s): P K Mishra
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 205
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740833


This book of its kind is being published in India for the first time. Here we have a book for those who are interested in the critical appreciation of the problems relating to conservation and preservation of monuments and antiquities including the entire World Heritage. It encompasses in itself a vast vista of visions visualizing the entire gamut of conservation and preservation required for the safeguard of the World Cultural Heritage including minor antiquities housed in museums and varied collections.

On the one hand, the articles published deal with the scientific techniques like aerial photography and Ground magnetics in digital image processing, etc. It also touches the conservation of excavated remains along with preservation objects of fragile material like paper wood, etc. Some of the articles delved deep in analysing the cause and effect of inherent deterioration and decay of varied monuments and pollutions thereof.

The Book does not confine itself only with the conservation problems of Indian monuments, it has taken stock of problems confronting the monuments of other countries like Greece, Egypt, etc. Here, therefore, is an outstanding collection of articles dealing with multifarious international problems the World Heritage faces.

The book has been divided into four broad Sections. Sections 1 deals with the scientific Investigations for Archaeological Remains. Sections 2 and 3 deals with the technical investigations and Conservation of Museums and excavated remains, respectively. The last Chapter taking about the Conservation of ancient monuments in India and Abroad.




1. Aerial and Magnetic Prospection of an Eleventh to Thirteenth Century Motte in Bavaria-J.W.E.Fassbinder, W.E.Irlinger
2. Combination of Aerial-Photography with Ground-Magnetics in Digital Image Processing Technique-Helmut Becker
3. From Nanotesla to Picotesla- A New Window for Magnetic Prospecting in Archaeology-Helmut Becker
4. Magnetostratigraphy of The Neogene Surai Khola Siwaliks in West-Nepal : Preliminary Results-E.Appel,W.Rosler,J.Fabbinder,Munchen,G.Corvinus
5. Occurrence of Bacterial Magnetite in Soils From Archaeological Sites - Jorg W.E.Fabbinder, Helge Stanjek
Section 2
Technical Investigations
6. Purpose of Surveying and Drawing in Excavation and Conservation work in Archaeological Survey of India-Jasmer Singh Vinod Kumar
7. Technical Inspection Report of Victoria Memoria Hall, Calcutta-R.C.Mishra
8. Weathering and Conservation of North German Terra-cotta-Programme and First Results-Sven Wallasch
9. Application of Salt Crystallisation Test to Impregnated Stones-Hannelore Marschner
10. Qutb Archaeological Area : Towards Integral Study on Conservation of World Heritage Site-B.R.Mani
11. Determination of Physical Parameters of Stone, their Effect and Role in the Preservation of Monuments-R.P.Singh
Section 3
Conservation of Museum and Excavated Remains
12. Conservation and Preservation of Old Goa Museum and its Antiquities-K.V.Rao
13. A Unique Conservation of Archaeological Excavated Site of Agroha in Harayana-Phanikanta Mishra
14. Conservation of Excavated Stupa At Sanghol in Punjab-R.Krishnaoah
15. Systematic of Investigations on Wooden Constructions-Reiner Klopfer
16. Conservation/Preservation of Wooden Objects and Monuments-Rajani Mishra
17. Preservation of Ancient Wood in Historical Buildings by Chemical Treatment-Anuredha Sharma
18. Study,Examination and Analysis of Three Indoportuguese Ivory Christs of The Eighteenth Century-Maria Da Conceicao Ribeira
Section 4
Conservation of Ancient Monuments
19. Restoration of Rani-Ki-Vav-Hari Manjhi & S.V.P.Halakatti
20. Reconstruction of Ancient Temple of Kurdi Angod V.Gopala Rao
21. Short History of Lakshadveep With Some Proposals of Conservation of its Historical Antiquirian Remains and Monuments-S.P.Mukerjee
22. Renovation and Restoration of the Ancient Monuments-G.T.Shendey
23. Restoration of Some Important Wall Paintings in India-Specific Problems and Measures-R.K.Sharma & H.O.Gupta
24. The Chephren`s Pryamid in Giza-Giorgio Croci
25. The Tilla Kari Madrasah in Samarkand-Giorgio Croci
26. The Colosseum in Rome-Giorgio Croci