Oriental Numismatic Studies - Volume Two

Oriental Numismatic Studies - Volume Two

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Author: Devendra Handa
Editor(s): Devendra Handa
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 172
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740507


The present book is an in-depth study of evolution of coinage through the Indian history and brings into focus the various factors that shaped the development of numismatics.



1. Coins of the Kuru Mahahanapada-Devendra Handa
2. The Greek Hemidrachm in Jodhpur Museum-Parmeshwari Lal Gupta
3. Some More Cakra Type Satavahana Coins From Telengana Region-A.H.Siddiqui,u.Lakshmi Devi, M.Varalakshmi
4. Were the Dates on Kshatrapa Coins Initiated by Jivadaman I-Ajay Mitra Sastri
5. Some Bull/Hill Type Coins of Rudrasimha I-Devandra Hands and M.K.Gupta
6. The Attribution of Chitresvara Type Coins-Devendra Handa
7. Ideals of Kingship as Revealed by the Gupta Coinage-Ashvini Agrawal
8. A Unique Sealing From Ropar-P.K.Mishra
9. Dematrglyphics Archaeology, Numismatics and Sigilography-Manmohan Kumar
10. Note on the Silver Coin Attributed to the Calukyas of Vatapi-P.V.Parabrahma Shastry
11. Numismatic Material From Sirmaur District, Himachal Pradesh-Lalman and Ritu
12. A Note of Coins of Malwa Sultan Baz Bahadur-A.H.Siddiqui
13. A Note on Copper Coins of Muhammad Adil Shah Suri-A.H.Siddiqui
14. Some More Copper Coins of Nizam Shahi Dynasty-A.H.Siddiqui
15. A Note on Some Mughal Silver Coins-A.H.Siddiqui
16. The Late Mughal Mint of Muzaffargarh-Hans Herrli
17. Numismatic Records of Junagadh State-Dilip Rajgor
18. PIXE Analysis of Ancient Indian Coins-M.Hajvaliei,M.L.Garg,D.K.Handa,K.L.Govil,T.Kakavand,V.Vijayan,K.P.Singh,I.M.Govil
1. Osmund Bopperachehi and Aman-ur-Rahman, Pre-Kushana Coins in Pakistan-Devendra Handa
2. Ajay Mitra Shastri,The Satavahanas and The Western Kshatrapas-Devendra Handa
3. Ellen M.Raven, Gupta Gold Coins with a Garuda-Banner-Ashvini Agrawal