Music and Temples - A Ritualistic Approach

Music and Temples - A Ritualistic Approach

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Author: L Annapoorna
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 255
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740906


India is studded with gigantic temple fascinating in their beauty and imposing in their appearance. Now, what is the exact role of the idol or image in a temple in the practice of Hinduism? The view accepted by the majority of Hindus is that it is a symbol of God, and an aid to the mind of the devotee to concentrate itself on the divine and become one with it. Prayer and worship are directed in fact, not to the ideal as such, but to the spiritual power which directs the universe and is conceived by the worshipper in the particular form that makes a special appeal to him. The ideal is only a concrete symbol meant to aid the concentration of his mind. This is what the concept of this work relating to Music in Particular.

The Study on the present theme has two specific purpose of establishing the importance that a music compositions could evolve in projecting the underlined relation of music and temples. The other purpose was that though a composition is meant to express the devotional fervour in a bhakta, the ksetra krtis analyzed so far have brought out a theme of preserving the historical data of a temple through music compositions.

Whereas an ordinary Krti has the sole purpose of praising the glory of the God or the Goddesses, Ksetra Krtis jad the twin purpose of the preserving for posterity the data of a temple and the devotional theme of the master piece. Therefore, the music world are beholden to the great composers for their excellent ksetra krtis but for them the importance od music in recreating the historical impulse would have been lost.



Chapter 1 : Development of Religion in Temples
Chapter 2 : History of Temples in South India
Chapter 3 : Music and Temples
Chapter 4 : Musical Analysis of Temple Krtis - I - Tyagaraja
Chapter 5 : Musical Analysis of Temple Krtis - II - Syama Sastri
Chapter 6 : Musical Analysis of Temple Krtis - III - Muthuswami Diksitar
Chapter 7 : Musical Analysis of Temple Krtis - IV
1. King Shahaji
2. Margadarsi Sesayyangara
3. Swati Tirunal Maharaja
4. Vina kuppayyar
5. Tanjore Quartette
6. Muthiah Bhagavathar
7. Papanasam Sivan
8. Tulsivanam

Chapter 8 : Epilogue