Marine Archaeology : The Global Perspectives (Set in 2 Volumes)

Marine Archaeology : The Global Perspectives (Set in 2 Volumes)

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Author: G Kuppuram
K Kumudamani/
Editor(s): G Kuppuram / K Kumudamani
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 744
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067910


This book is devoted to the exclusive subject of marine archaeological reconnaissance in the different parts of the world. It brilliantly covers nautical archaeology, chemical conservation, marine corrosion, integrated resource management, international legal protection of underwater cultural heritage, desalination of glass, stone, ceramics, wood samples, and the archaeological survey of harbours and water transports.

The book, containing fifty scholarly and significant articles written by specialists in international marine archaeology, offers a scientific survey of maritime history and marine archaeology. The book has been profusely illustrated with coloured and black-white photos.


Vol. I. I. Submarine Archaeological Investigations: 1. Marine archaeological exploration : applications of scientific tools and techniques/Alok Tripathi. 2. Diving for history in a Killer Volcano Caldera/Thomas R. Hargrove. 3. A Piscina at Caesarea--a preliminary survey/Alexander Flinder.

II. Shipwrecks and Ancient Shipping: 4. Underwater investigations of the Sunken British Fleet at Yorktown, Virginia/John D. Broadwater. 5. Findings the Titanic : beginning an international salvage of derelict law at sea/James A.R. Nafziger. 6. A 4th century BC dispersed Amphora Cargo on the Secca Di Capo Ognina, Siracusa, Sicily (Site Ognina 4)/Gerhard Kapitan, F. Naglschmid. 7. Deep-water archaeological investigation and site testing in the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary/Gordon P. Watts, Jr. 8. An European shipwreck off Bangaram Island (India) in Arabian Sea/Alok Tripathi.

III. Water Crafts, Maritime Trade and Cultural Interaction: 9. Prehistoric water transport in N.W. Europe/Sean McGrail. 10. Sri Lanka`s traditional boats need a museum/Gerhard Kapitan. 11. Prehistoric boats, timber and woodworking technology/Sean McGrail. 12. Rowing : aspects of the ethnographic and iconographic evidence/Sean McGrail and Anthony Farrell. 13. Medieval logboats of the river Mersey--a classification study/Sean McGrail and Roy Switsur. 14. Towards a classification of water transport/Sean McGrail. 15. Archaeological evidence for rituals and customs on ancient ships/Gerhard Kapitan

IV. Ancient Ports and Harbours: 16. The island of Jezirat Fara`un : its ancient harbour, anchorage and marine defence installations/Alexander Flinder. 17. Good times, hard times : the changing fortunes of Caesarea Maritima`s harbors in the Roman Era/Robert L. HohlFelder. 18. A note on ancient Indian ports/G. Kuppuram and K. Kumudamani. 19. A survey of ancient harbours on the Cilician Coast of Turkey: preliminary report/Robert L. Vann. 20. The search for Ezion-geber, King Solomon`s Red Sea Port/Alexander Flinder.

V. Marine Archaeology: 21. Maritime archaeology in South Africa/Bruno E.J.S. Werz. 22. Maritime orientations of India : an historical survey/G. Kuppuram and K. Kumudamani. 23. Maritime archaeology around the cape/Andrew B. Smith. 24. Maritime ventures of the East African Coast during the medieval period/K. Kumudamani. 25. Marine archaeology--the British experience/Alexander Flinder. 26. Safeguarding and documentation of the underwater cultural heritage in the Mediterranean, recent initiatives/Gerhard Kapitan.

Vol. II. VI. Conservation of Sunken Cultural Property: 27. Marine corrosion on historic shipwrecks and its application to modern materials/Ian D. MacLeod. 28. Metallography of copper and its alloys recovered from nineteenth century shipwrecks/Ian D. MacLeod and Maria Pitrum. 29. The electro chemistry and conservation of iron in sea water/Ian D. MacLeod. 30. Conservation of corroded copper alloys: a comparison of new and traditional methods for removing chloride ions/Ian D. MacLeod. 31. Stabilization of corroded copper alloys : a study of corrosion and desalination mechanisms/Ian D. MacLeod. 32. Desalination of glass, stone and ceramics recovered from shipwreck sites/Ian D. MacLeod and Janice A. Davies. 33. The application of corrosion science to the management of maritime archaeological sites/Ian D. MacLeod. 34. The effects of composition and microstructure on the corrosivity of copper alloys in chloride media/Ian D. MacLeod and Stephane Pennec. 35. Analysis of wet-site archaeological wood samples/Richard Jagels, Betty Seifert, James E. Shottafer. James L. Wolfhagen and Jonathan D. Carlisle.

VII. Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: 36. The law and nautical archaeology : an international survey/Patrick J. O`Keefe. 37. Australian protection of historic shipwrecks/Patrick J. O`Keefe and Lyndel V. Prott. 38. The abandoned shipwreck act : affirming the role of the states in historic preservation/Anne G. Giesecke. 39. The United Kingdom Advisory Committee on historic wreck sites/Sean McGrail and Alexander Flinder. 40. International legal protection of the underwater cultural heritage/Lyndel V. Prott and Patrick J. O`Keefe. 41. The international legal protection of the underwater cultural heritage/Anastasia Strati. VIII. Miscellaneous: 42. A global survey of underwater archaeological heritage : problems and prospects/K. Kumudamani. 43. Greco-Roman anchors and the evidence for the one-armed wooden anchor in antiquity/Gerhard Kapitan. 44. The problem of the bilge and the pump in antiquity/Federico Foerster Laures. 45. Ancient anchors--technology and classification/Gerhard Kapitan. 46. Integrated resource management/Anne G. Giesecke. 47. Ancient fish-tanks at Lapithos, Cyprus/K. Nicolaou. 48. The fish-tanks/Alexander Flinder. 49. A bloomsbury pharos : the institute and nautical archaeology/Mark Redknap and Angela Croome. 50. Bermuda and the American Civil War : a reconnaissance investigation of archival and submerged cultural resources/Gordon P. Watts, Jr