Krsna Pratibha : Studies in Indology  ( 2 Vol Set)

Krsna Pratibha : Studies in Indology ( 2 Vol Set)

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Author: H C Das
S Tripathy/B K Rath
Editor(s): H C Das / S Tripathy / B K Rath
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 313
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067872


The 39 essays of this book deal in Archaeology, History, Culture and allied disciplines.





Professor Krishna Chandra Panigrahi-A Brief Life Sketch-Dr H C Das
Professor Panigrahi-As I Knew Him-Prof K Majumdar
Professor K C Panigrahi-Tribute to a Teacher-Dr B K Rath
Calender of Events and Works of Professor K C Panigrahi(Compilation)-Sri B Samal


1. Daily Life of Pre-historic Man in Karnataka-Prof. A.V. Narasimha Murthy
2. Some New Palaeolithic Assembleges from Mayurbhanj-Sr. R.P. Prusty
3. Painted Rock-Shelter at Manikmunda, Orissa-Revisited-Dr. S.B. Ota
4. Unique Stone Objects from Sankerjang-Dr. R.N. Dash
5. Archaeological Remains at Dhauli-Martin Brandtner
6. A Mathura Epigraph and the Date of Kharavela-Prof. B.N. Mukherjee
7. A Seal of Brahmana from Orissa-Dr. Chandrashekhar Gupta
8. Bhuvanesvara Mahadeva Temple of Cuttack District-Ms. Subhra Bose
9. Ten Fragmentary Stone Inscriptions from Bankada
10. Some Observations on the Senkapat Stone-Slab Inscription of the Time of Sivagupta Balarjuna-Prof. A.M. Shastri
11. Monasteries in Ancient Orissa-Sri. Sunil Kumar Pattnaik
12. Torana in Art and Architecture of Orissa-Sri. G.N. Srivastava
13. Avalokitesvara in Bhauma Art-Dr. J.K. Sahu
14. Some Notable Early Saiva Temples of Ganjam-Dr. A.K. Rath
15. The Sava-Vahana of Bhairava in Orissan Images-A Sakta Tantra Concept-Prof. Thomas E. Donaldson
16. Archaeological Remains of the Alaka Valley-Sri. P.K. Ray
17. Nataraja Images of Bengal and Orissa-A Comparative Approach-Prof. K.K. Dasgupta
18. A Study on the Jagannath Temple- Dr. K.C. Dash
19. A Copper Plate Charter of the Brahma Calukya King Sangamesvara, Saka 1181-Dr. Subramonia Aiyar and Dr. N. Nannjundaswamy
20. Different Aspects Deplastering and Conservation of Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri- Dr. G.C. Chauley
21. The Line in Orissan Painting-Dr. Dinanath Pathy



22. Ancient India-South East Asia : Study on Impact and Inter Relation- Prof. K.D. Bajpai
23. Jaugada : a Glorious Antiquarian Heritage of South Orissa-Dr. Dandapani Behera
24. Origin of the Nalas-Dr. C.B. Patel
25. On the Chronology of the Sailodbhavas-Dr. (Mrs) S. Tripathy
26. Origin of the Bhauma-Kara Dynasty-Sri. S.C. De
27. Rajatrangini of Kalhana and the Tradition of Historical Writing in Ancient India-Dr. Shishir Kumar Panda
28. The Monetary System of Orissa During the Mughals-Sri Lalatendu Das Mohapatra
29. Studying the Tribal History of Orissa : Perspective, Problems and Prospects-Prof. K.M. Majumdar


30. Pulastya in History-Prof. B.Gopal and Prof K.K. Gopal
31. The Problem of Kalinga Jina-(Late) Dr. R.P. Mahapatra
32. Saivism in Tosali and the Bhauma-Karas-Dr. L.K. Panda
33. Some Aspects of Orissan Buddhism-Prof. N.N. Bhattacharya
34. Cult of Sri-Laksmi-Dr. H.C. Das
35. Places of Buddhist Interest in Orissa-Dr. S.K. Moharana
36. Later Eastern Gangas, the Suryavamsa Gajapatis and Telegu Language and Literature-Dr. C.V. Ramachandra Rao
37. Silpasastra Manuscripts in the Collection of Orissa State Museum-A Study-Sri. K.K. Besoi
38. The Chronicles and the Temple Records of the Madala Panji of Puri-A Reassessment of the Evidence-Prof. Hermann Kulke
39. Sankaracarya`s Relevance to the Present Age-Prof. Ram Murti Sharma