Khajuraho : With latest Discoveries

Khajuraho : With latest Discoveries

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Author: P K Mishra
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 154
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175741015


Khajuraho - the name itself is synonymous with architectural excellence and breathtaking craftsmanship. The World Heritage temples of Khajuraho can be regarded as one of the wonders of the East, a symbol in stone, representing the cosmic system of Hindu temples, with a dash of erotica along with other worldly and divine scenes. These huge edifices, built over 1000 years ago, are profusely covered with the sculptural art. Khajuraho occupies a very special place in the collective consciousness of India, and indeed that of the whole world, which is attracted towards its spiritual ethos. Located in the Bundelkhand region of the state of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is a workshop of love and weaves a magic spell on even those who have not been nutured in the Hindu tradition.

Scholars will welcome Dr Mishra's archaeological material on different aspects of the excavations conducted in Khajuraho since 1980, with details on the geography of the mounds, the remains uncovered and an analysis of the discoveries made. It is noteworthy that the excavation of the Shatdhara mound in the north east of Khajuraho takes the history of the place to pre-Chandella times. Readers may find useful the chapter on conservation and preservation efforts at Khajuraho.
The excavation of the Bijamandala mound in the Millennium Year by Dr Mishra is an important discovery and certainly a feather in the cap of the ASI. It has exposed the plinth of the largest temple at Khajuraho, longer than that of the grand kandariya Mahadeva.






1. Historicity
2. Milestones of Temple Architecture
3. Sculptures of Khajuraho
4. Unearthing the Past-Archaeological Excavations at Khajuraho
5. Saving Khajuraho for Posterity
6. Erotica at Khajuraho : Historical and Philosophical perspective