India through the Ages : History, Art, Culture and Religion (Set in 2 Volumes)

India through the Ages : History, Art, Culture and Religion (Set in 2 Volumes)

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Author: G Kuppuram
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1988
Language: English
Pages: 913
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067090


The present work, in two volumes, deals with the different facets of Indian history, society and culture. The study emphasizes the Indian land and its people in the context of the human race as a whole.

Aspects of economic history, legal institutional history, intellectual history and allied areas of historical writing constitute the background to this book.





1. Archaeological Investigations in Tamilnadu-Some Aspects
2. Current Trends in Archaeological Studies
3. Nature and Primitive Society : Contact and Adjustments
4. Towns in Ancient India-Methodological Perspectives
5. Crime and Punishments in Ancient India
6. Kautilya on Industrial Sciences : Organisation and Management
7. Chanakya on Prostitution (Based on Arthasastra)
8. Tiruchirapalli in Pre-Vijayanagar Times
9. A Fresh Survey on the History of the Tamils in Ancient Sri Lanka
10. Role of the Village Communities in the Chola Period
11. Vestiges of Feudalism in the Chola Period-A Critical Appraisal
12. A Chola Inscription on Temple Services
13. Chola-Hoysala Relations in Karnataka
14. Centralisation and Regional Autonomy-The Chola State
15. Chola Temples in Karnataka : Vignettes from Art and Architecture
16. Kuvalala-A Composite Capital of Ancient Karnataka-with Special Reference to the Cholas as the Vanguard
17. The Nidugal Cholas-A Brief Study (A.D. 1100-A.D. 1285)
18. The Cholas in the Kongu Country-Some Aspects
19. Position of Women in Medieval Southern Karnataka Under the Chola Sway
20. Some Aspects of Chola Rule in Karnataka
21. Economic Conditions in Medieval Tamilnadu-Some Problems and Proposals
22. Peculiar Customs of Marriage System in South India
23. Religious Offerings from the Inscriptions of Southern Mysore (A.D. 1000-A.D.1300)
24. Ativirarama Srivallabha Pandya and His Times (A.D. 1562-A.D. 1604)
25. The Genealogy and Chronology of Keladi Rulers : A Review
26. Principles of Sucession Under Keladi Rule
27. The Theme of Domestic Welfare in Tirukkural
28. Urbanisation in Ancient South India with Special Reference to Tamilnadu-Some Preliminary Suggestions
29. Social Complex of the Ancient Tribes of Tamilnadu
30. Southern India, An Ethnological Block : Snippets from the Tribal Complex
31. Religion and Emotional Integration in the Sangam Age
32. Migrations in Historical Times with Special Reference to South India (A.D. 900-A.D. 1500)
33. Craft Technology and Societal Acclimation in Mughal India-A Reappraisal
34. Historical Sketches of Kannanur Region-A Medieval South Indian Capital


35. Cultural History of Medieval Tamilnadu-A Review
36. A Note on the Artisans of Medieval Tamilnadu
37. Brahmin Through the Ages : With Special References to the Decline of Brahmanism in Tamilnadu
38. The Mahanubhavas
39. Classification and Functions of Industrial Workers in Medieval India
40. Industrial Economy of Medieval Karnataka : A Historigraphical Evaluation
41. Metal Industries in Ancient Tamil Country
42. Gold in Ancient South India
43. A Scientific Note on the Meal Casting in Ancient India.
44. Indigenous Method of Iron and Steel Manufacture in the Salem Area of the Erstwhile Madras Presidency
45. Glimpses Glimpses of Indian Metallic Artwork
46. a Bibliography of Works on Indian Architecture and Sculpture
47. A Bibliography of Epigraphical Studies on Gujarat
48. Indian Science and Technology in the 18th Century-A Review
49. Protection of Monuments in India
50. Cultural Heritage of India-A Threat to Survival
51. Guidelines for Environmental Education and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage
52. Snippets from the Religion Vegetarianism and Animal Care in Gujarat
53. Population Problems in India : The Past, Present and Future
54. Empirical Study on the Philosophy of Scientific History
55. Methodology and Multi-Disciplinary Approach in Indological Studies
56. Gandhian Perspectives on Non-Violent Movement as a Force for Socio-Economic and Political Transformation
57. The Pedagogics of Teaching History in Schools