Gleanings of Indian Music and Art

Gleanings of Indian Music and Art

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Author: Leela Omchery
Deepti Bhalla/
Editor(s): Leela Omchery / Deepti Bhalla
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1992
Language: English
Pages: 382
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067775


The book contains articles on a variety of subjects related to music and art. Scholars and researchers of high repute have written the articles that appear in this volume.

All the articles published here reveal the significance of music and art with great elucidation.




I. Contribution of Shri Purandaradasa to Karnataka Muysic - B K Ramaprabhu
II. Sakinisahakaracampu - K. Raghavan Pillai
III. Painting and Allied Arts as Revealed in Bana's Works - C Sivaramamurti
IV. Ganakala Niyama (Time Theory of Music) - R Banumathy
V. The Element of Ragas - Leela Omchery
VI. Social Life in Jaina Literature
VII. The Antarallas of Malabar - N S Subbaraya Iyer
VIII. Humour in the Kumarasambhava Unveiled - S Sundarachar
IX. Contribution of K.C. Kesava Pillai to Music - T R Chandrasekaran Nair
X. A Short Note on Telugu Prosody - N V Krishna Warrior
XI. A Short note on Kannada Prosody - N V Krishna Warrior
XII. Kalidasa on the Arts - Dr. T.Bhaskaran
XIII. Svati Tirunal and His Court Musicians - Suranad Kunjan Pillai
XIV. My Musical Reminiscences - T Lakshmana Pillai
XV. Padam as a Dance Composition - Deepti(Omchery)Bhalla
XVI. Srutis - P S Sundaram Aiyer
XVII. Contribution of Kerala Composers to Karnatak Music - K Anand Varma