Findings in Indian Archaeology

Findings in Indian Archaeology

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Author: B Ch Chhabra
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1991
Language: English
Pages: 420
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067767


The present treatise covers a broad spectrum of the findings in Indian archaeology. This book has been divided into four sections, which contain thirty-five articles related to various facets of Indian archaeology, museology and the culture heritage. Section one deal with the inscriptions and epigraphical notes; Section Two discusses archaeology and museology; Sections Three covers sculptures and terracottas; and Section Four deals with cultural heritage.

There are several rare illustrations in this volume, such as, the Stone inscriptions of the Asokan Pillar, Devaprayag Brahmi inscriptions, Chevuru Copper Plate inscription of eastern Chalukya Amma-I, Ruvanvalition, Rajaprasasti inscription of Udaipur, Brahma (Prambanan) from Java, Prajnaparamita (Singasari) Java, Visnu on Garuda, etc.



I. Inscriptions and epigraphical notes: 1. Three more Yupa inscriptions of King Mulavarman from Kutei (East Borneo).
2. Note on Mallasarul charter of Vijayasena.
3. Asokan pillar at Hisar, Punjab.
4. More facts about Gunji rock inscription.
5. Devaprayag Brahmi inscriptions.
6. Some observations on the Bhitari inscription of Skandagupta.
7. Yupa inscriptions.
8. Curzon Museum inscription of Kanishka's reign year 23.
9. Bangkok Museum stone inscription of Mahendravarman.
10. A note on Tiriyay rock inscription.
11. Bamhani plates of Pandava King Bharatabala.
12. More light on Ghumli plates; Gupta Samvat 513.
13. Chevuru plates of Eastern Chalukya Amma I.
14. Expansion of Indo-Aryan culture during Pallava rule, as evidenced by inscriptions.
15. Epigraphical notes.
16. Intwa clay sealing.
17. Rajaprasasti inscription of Udaipur.
18. Peshawar potsherds with Kharoshthi writings. II. Archaeology and museology: 19. Epigraphy and the Archaeological Survey.
20. Displaying inscriptions in museums.
21. Navy in ancient India.
22. Significance of archaeology.
23. Epigraphy in Indian archaeology and life.
24. Archaeological survey.
25. Museum and democracy. III. Sculptures and terracottas:
26. Mahendra's bronze tripod.
27. Sugh terracotta with Brahmi Barakhadi.
28. A unique Nataraja sculpture.
29. Jivaputra and cognate expressions. IV. Cultural heritage:
30. Ancient India and south-east Asia.
31. Vestiges of Indian culture in Hawaii.
32. A note on the chronology of the Gangas of Svetaka.
33. Remembering Kalidasa.
34. The Gita way of living.
35. Purva meaning Prasasti.