Facets of Aryan Culture

Facets of Aryan Culture

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Author: B Ch Chhabra
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 283
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067112


This book deals with important points that are essential for a study of the historical and root causes for writing and understanding history correctly.

Its 20 chapters variously discuss the classifications of territories of South East Asia and the contacts the Aryans had nurtured by sea and land, and describes the Gita as a religious scripture.

The Ramayana is viewed critically, particularly its description of the war between Chandra Gupta and Seleucos. The corrections of inscriptions of gold coins are significant.





1. Greater India
2. Greatness of Gita
3. War Between Seleucus and Chandragupta in the Ramayana
4. A Unique Gold Coin of Chandragupta I
5. Chandragupta`s Abdication
6. Beauties of the Bhitari Inscription of Skandagupta
7. Diplomatic of Sanskrit Copper-plate Grants
8. Stone Yupas and their Inscriptions
9. Chatesvara Temple Inscription
10. Mandkila Tal Inscription, V.S. 1043
11. Kasyapa Image inscription from Silao
12. Lakhmandal Fragmentary Stone Inscription of the Gupta Period
13. Kirti : Its Connotation
14. Purva Meaning Prasati
15. Seals of Ancient India
16. Yaksapalita`s Seal
17. Village Names after Seals
18. Navigation in Ancient India
19. Archaeological Exploration in Orissa
20. Spread of Indian Culture in the Far East