Baba Amte - A Biography

Baba Amte - A Biography

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Author: Anita Kainthla
Publisher: Viva Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 191
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8130900998


It is easy to ignore and forget some truly great men because they do not court publicity. They are too rapt in their service to attract attention with media. Many of them still become icons with their selfless service in the life of living societies. Baba Amte is one of them. He became the sole hope for thousands of sufferers afflicted with the great curse of leprosy.

This biography, written after long and close interactions of the author with Amte and his family, narrates the inspirational story of his career as a social worker. It refreshes our memory about the seriousness of meaningful socio-political action in the age of widespread irresponsibility.




Vis-à-vis the Man
Women behind the Scenes
From Law to Labour
Through Tai’s Eyes
Anandwan-How It All Began
Anandwan-From Wasteland to Wonderland
Anandwan-Its Unites, Activities and Foreign Funding
Ashokwan and Somnath
Hemalkasa and Base Camp Nagepalli
The Inside Story of His Mentors and Motivations
Knit India Movement and Peace by Peace Missions
The Final Act-The Narmada Beckons