Calcutta - Past and Present

Calcutta - Past and Present

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Author: Kathleen Blechynden
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 262
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175741481


Calcutta (Kolkata), one of the oldest cities of India, has the political and social history of its own. The book, authored by K Blechnden in 1905, presents before us a vivid picture of this city in lucid style from its early years, around 1690 when it was founded, till the end of the days of Lord Warren Hastings, the first Governor General of India frp, 1774-1786.

The Author, a foreigner, living in Calcutta for many years, had developed an intimacy and love for the city which encouraged him to shed a bright light on the social manners and customs, food and dwelling places, amusements and friefs of all sorts of people of old Calcutta in the very background of its political situations-past and present, Besides, we have a gra[hic description of the public buildings, churches etc. (mostly constructed in 18th century) along with their life-like illustrations.

The author for collecting the material for this look had taken full advantage of the published writings of others, old diaries, the permanent records, the maps of the town, quire a good number of old illustrations, pictures and portraits, rare photographs and engravings which he made available to him from the publishers and various other sources like libraries, museums, etc. for which he expressed his gratitude to the persons concerned. A worth reading treatise indeed for those having interest and respect for this monumental city of this great country India.



CHAPTER 1 : Early Years
CHAPTER 2 : The Siege and Capture
CHAPTER 3 : Recovery and After
CHAPTER 4 : Public Buildings
CHAPTER 5 : In Hasting's Day
CHAPTER 6 : Social Life
CHAPTER 7 : The Churches
CHAPTER 8 : Told by the Tombs
CHAPTER 9 : Streets and Houses
CHAPTER 10 : Near and Far