Buddhist Remains From Haryana

Buddhist Remains From Haryana

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Author: Devendra Handa
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 114
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817571538


The present work is based on the first-hand study of the Buddhist remains, mostly lying unnoticed, at various places and in museums and private collections. It has taken years of study and fieldwork to dig up the literary and archaeological data to prepare this monograph which brings to light many stupas, pillars, sculptures, terracottas and other antiquities from the region of Haryana showing clearly that Buddhism continued to live here even after it was wiped off from the mainland. Buddhism is one of the well-known religions of the world and is being practiced by people from India to Japan and in South Asia. Like any other cultured people, the Buddhists also feel concerned about their heritage and are eager to know more and more about it.

Haryana occupies an intermediary position between Gandhara and Mathura, two very important centers of Buddhist art. There is growing evidence to indicate that the Mathura and Gandhara Schools did not live in isolation and had mutual influences. Punjab and Haryana being intermediary between the two must have played as their meeting ground. And hence the importance of the relics discovered from this area.

It is for the first time that all relevant literary and archaeological evidence regarding Buddhism in this region, known partially and piecemeal earlier, has been presented in book form. It is the result of sustained efforts and interest in the subject and includes some unpublished and little known remains. It is hoped that the monograph will help in understanding the story of the development and decline of Buddhism and Buddhist art in northern India and would evoke further research and discussion.






Kuru Janapada
Buddha's Visit and Spread of Buddhism in Haryana
The Early Stupas
The Maurya Pillars
The Sunga Period
Amin Railing Pillars
Railing Pillars from Hathin and Bhadas
The Saka-Kushana Period
Kushana Terracottas
The Gupta Period
Railing Pillar from Sultan Ghari
The Harsha Epoch
The Early Medieval Period