Art and Archaeology of Punjab

Art and Archaeology of Punjab

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Author: R P Srivastava
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067619


The present book is collection of essays, research papers and articles pertaining to the various aspects of the history of visual art of Punjab right from the ancient times until the close of the nineteenth century. These were published in various journals in India and abroad.

These essays transcend the political barriers of the dynastic rulers of different periods. The main emphasis has been laid on the manifestations of the visual arts in their manifold and kaleidoscopic forms created in the Punjab.






1. Kapur Singh-Nineteenth Century Figurative Artist of Punjab
2. Problem of Fakes in Indian Art
3. Patronage of Fine Arts under the Sikh Rulers of the Punjab
4. Reflections on the new evidence of Punjab Painting
5. index to Articles of Journal of Research Society of Pakistan
6. Painting in Punjab
7. guest Editorial in Sikh Sansar Magazine
8. Patiala-Its Cultural Significance
9. Visual Arts in Higher Education in India
10. Manuscript Sources of Art and Cultural History of Patiala State
11. Manuscripts as a source of Cultural History of India
12. Art and Antiquities of Patiala
13. Artistic Significance of Illustrated Historical Manuscripts of Punjab Government Archives
14. Depiction of Holy Saints and prophets in the Manuscripts of Islamic Lands
15. Contribution of Islam to the Arts of India-Pakistan Sub-Continent
16. The Art of Sculpture in Ancient Punjab
17. Kashmiri Contribution to the Development of Manuscript Painting in Punjab
18. Mohummad Hussain Kashmiri Zarin-Qalam (A Mughal Calligrapher par excellence)
19. Illustrated Janam-Sakhis of Punjab
20. Jahangir as a Connoisseur of Art