Ajaya - Sri - Recent Studies in Indology   (2 Vol Set)

Ajaya - Sri - Recent Studies in Indology (2 Vol Set)

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Author: Devendra Handa
Editor(s): Devendra Handa
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1989
Language: English
Pages: 860
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818506718X


The four sections of this book are; Archaeology, History, Historical Geography; Epigraphy and Numismatics; Art, Architecture and Iconography; and Religion, Philosophy, Language and Literature.





Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri : A Biographical Sketch
Bibliography of the Writing of Prof. Ajay Mtra Shastri


1. Earthquakes and Civilization-H.D. Sankalia
2. Marine Archaeology in India-S.R. Rao
3. Metallurgy in Ancient Karnataka-A.V. Narasimha Murthy
4. The Rise of Culture in Saryupur Plain (with Special Reference to Excavations of Narhan)-Purushottam Singh
5. The Burial Practices of Megalithic People : Some Observations-K.P. Rao
6. The Rgvedic Drsadvati-O.P. Bharadwaj
7. Interpretation and Archaeological Correlation of a passage from Pancavimsa Brahmana-H.A. Phadke
8. Elephantry through the Ages-G.N. Pant
9. The Naga Theory of Primitive History-H.L. Shukla
10. Political System in Early Coastal Andhra-P.V. Parabrahma Sastry
11. Ekamra Bhubaneswara-S. Tripathy
12. The So-called Murunda Rule in Orissa-Ashvini Agrawal
13. New Light on Yasodharman Visnuvardhana and the Hunas-Jagannath Agrawal
14. Political Conditions as Narrated in the Vipakasutra-Rasesh Jamindar
15. The Jain Angas and Towns-R.N. Mehta
16. Cattle-Rearing in Early Medieval India-Lallanji Gopal
17. Archaeological Excavations at Antichak-Bhagwant Sahai
18. The State and the Guilds in Medieval Andhradesa-P. Chenna Reddy
19. Identification of Supratisthita Ahara-H.S. Thosar
20. Slavery in Golden Goa-J. Velinker
21. Folkloristic Factors in Telegu Toponyms and Anthroponyms-S.S. Ramachandra Murthy

22. Pataliputra and Asoka`s Edicts-B.N. Mukherjee
23. Discovery of a Brahmi Inscription at Ter-K.D. Kawadkar
24. The Royal Epithets and the Epithets of Mahaksatrapa Rudradaman-S.P. Tewari
25. Donative Inscriptions (Dana-Sasanas) : Interpretations and Uses for Historical Research-Cynthia Talbot
26. Mehuna Stone Inscription : Saka 747-V.B. Kolte
27. Lakhari Inscription of Maharajadhiraja Abha(ya) deva, Vikrama 1124-Ram Sharma
28. Two Inscription from Nadendla-C. Somasundara Rao
29. A Fourteenth Century Bilingual Inscription from Gujarat-Z.A. Desai
30. Decipherment Century Bilingual Inscription from Gujarat-Z.A. Desai
31. Early Indian Coins and Economic History : Trends & Prospects-Krishan Mohan Shrimali
32. An Introduction to the study of Numismatic Epigraphy-Bhaskar Chatterjee
33. Numismatic Symbols in Rock Paintings-V.S. Wakankar
34. On a Numismatic Symbol : Nandipada-A.L. Srivastava
35. Rajghat Salings and their Bearing on the Religious History of Varanasi-T.P. Verma
36. Some Rare Coins of Satavahana Dynasty-D. Raja Reddy & Suryanarayana Reddy
37. Maharathi Coins & their Chronology-T.V.G. Sastri
38. salankayana Coins from Ghantasala, District Krsna (A.P)-I.K. Sarma
39. Gold Coins of Vigraharajadeva-Prashant P. Kulkarni
40. A New Copper Coin of Iltutmish-Lalman
41. The Silver Coin of Ibrahim Lodi from Chanderi Mint of Malwa Sultanate-S.K. Bhatt
42. The Rechnique of Minting Coinage in North-Eastern States of India-R.D. Choudhary
43. Rebel King Ramakanta (1769-70) and his Coins-Jai Prakash Singh


44. Problems of Rock Art-M.K. Dhavalikar
45. Buddha and Maitreya in Early India Art-K.D. Bajpai
46. Iconography of Buddhism : The Bengal Chapter-D.C. Bhattacharyya
47. Technique of Indian Sculptures : Some Preliminary Observations-Gautam Sengupta
48. Temporal Seat of Authority in Rural and Urban Settlements expresses through Religious Edifices-R. Nagaswamy
49. Fish Motif in Protohistoric India-S.P. Shukla
50. A Priceless Gem of the Sunga Terracotta Art-K.S. Shukla
51. Sasthi in Literature & Art- N.P. Joshi
52. Mahisamardini Plaque in the Gurukul Museum at Jhajjar, Haryana-R.C. Agrawal
53. Tiles from Harvan-B.V. Shetti
54. Terracottas from Thanesar-Mohinder Singh
55. Discovery of Gandhara Sculptures-Suwarcha Paul
56. Krsna Lila in Sculptural Reliefs and Temples-Ratan Parimoo
57. Krsna as Found in Early Literature and Art of South India-M.L. Nigam
58. Some Lost Monuments of Orissa-D.R. Das
59. The Asana Pattikas or Kaksasanas in the Kakatiya Temples-Y. Gopala Reddy
60. Feudal Content of Pala Art : A Framework for Enquiry-V.K. Thakur
61. Pala Jaina Images from Rajgir-Maruti Nandan Pd. Tiwari & Kamal Giri
62. Proud Possessions of Mandsaur Museum-Kirti K. Shash & Kailash Chandra Pande
63. Sculptural Wealth of Ahmadpur-B.L. Nagarch
64. Some Rare Icons in the Wild Region of Bastar-V.D. Jha
65. Vaikuntha Images from Punjab-Devendra Handa
66. Memorial Tablets from Rajasthan- Vijai Shankar Srivastava
67. Panch-Mahal of Fatehpur Sikri : Architectural Derivation & Raison D`Etre-R.Nath
68. Citrakathi Tradition of Painting-Shridhar Andhare
69. Statues of Queen Victoria-Arundhati Banerji
70. Vicissitudes of Visakhapatnam and its Ivory Craft-D.N. Varma
71. Smrti Sangrahalaya, Sardarshahr (Rajasthan) - An Introduction-Avinash Handa

72. Buddhist Parivrajaka : Genesis and Early History-Pranabananda Jash
73. Process of Death in Early Buddhism-Mahesh Tiwari
74. Significance of Some Buddhist Myths and Symbols-Kewal Krishan Mittal
75. Buddhism and its Interaction with other Cultures in Afghanistan : Problems and Perspectives-V.C. Srivastava
76. Jain : A Retrospect of the Term-Gopi Lal Amar
77. Identification of Sastitantra-Satya Vrat
78. Iconology and Semantics : Laksana, Laksana and Rasa-V.S. Pathak
79. Heir Apparent and "Putrika-putra" (in the Arthasastra)-Sadashiv A. Dange
80. The Principles of Jatyutkarsa in the Social Evolution-S.S. Dange
81. The cloud above Devagiri-Verses 44 of Meghadutam-S.V. Sohono
82. (Hindi Article) - Ramesh Chandra Sharma