The Legacy of India

The Legacy of India

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Author: G T Garrat
Editor(s): G T Garrat
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 446
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189320076


The Legacy of India provides insights into the vast diversity of India. It contains brilliant essays by both foreign and Indian thinkers like H G Rawlinson, Dr S Radhakrishnan and Minoo Masani on Indian language and literature, art, architecture and archaeology, music, science and philosophy and religion. It also contains an illuminating essay on Indo-British civilization. The contribution made to the legacy of India by the British people may prove to be incalculable as Zetland observes in his Introduction to the volume. Even today the influence of the English language is apparent, while the effect of English political tradition as a force moulding the mind of modern India has been profound.

A striking characteristic of the legacy of India is its infinite variety. There are three Indias of which Cardington, one of the contributions to the volume, writes - the India of the great cities standing out in contrast with the India of the hill and forest peoples, and in between these two the India of the villages serving as a link between life in its complex and life in its primitive forms. The thought characteristic of these three Indias has found expression both in literature and art.



Introduction by The Marquess of Zetland
India in European Literature and Thought by H.G. Rawlinson
Language and Early Literature by F. W. Thomas
Indian Art and Archaeology by K. De B. Codrington
Philosophy by S.N. Das Gupta
Caste and The Structure of Society by R.P. Masani
Buddhism by De La Vallee Poussin
Language and Literature by F.W. Thomas
Muslim Architecture in India by Martin S.Briggs
Hinduism by S. Radhakrishnan
The Cultural Influences of Islam by Abdul Qadir
Music by A. H. Fox Strangways. Additional note by F. W. Galpin
Science by Walter Eugene Clark
Vernacular Literatures by J. C. Ghosh
Indo-British Civilization by G. T. Garratt