Temples of Vrindaban

Temples of Vrindaban

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Author: R K Das
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 314
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067473


Vrindaban is one of the ancient religious centres in India. The temples and shrines of Vrindaban are of great significance, from the mythological point of view. The lilas of Krishna and Radha took place here. The association of Lord Krishna with Vrindaban is the main source of attraction for the people from all parts of the world. This treatise has highlighted the ancient shrines of Vrindaban in great detail.

The temples of Vrindaban are the finest specimens of ancient Hindu architecture. Some of the important temples are: Gopinath temple, Jagannath temple, Govinda temple, Mira Bai temple, Shriji Mandir, Sudama Kuteer, Jaipur temple, etc. The famous ISKCON temple is also in Vrindaban. Besides, there are many more temples that have been depicted in this book.




1. Introduction
2. Advent of Krishna
3. Divinity of Krishna
4. History of Radha
5. Govindaji Temple
6. Temple of Madan Mohanji
7. Temple of Sri Gopinathji
8. Temple of Sri Radha-Ramanji
9. Temple of Sri Radha-Damodar
10. Gokulananda Temple
11. Gopiswar Temple
12. Gwalior Temple (Brahma Chgari Temple)
13. Tekari Temple (Radha Indra Kisore)
14. Mira Bai Temple
15. Sahaji Temple
16. Nidhi Ban
17. Sri Ananta Banke Behari Mandir
18. Bhab Bhaskareswar Temple
19. Padma Behari Bhagwan and Kailaseswar Bhagwan
20. Oriya Baba Ashram
21. Kathia Baba Temple
22. Sri Ramakrishna Math and sevashram
23. Jaipur Temple
24. Lakshmi-Mohanji Temple on Keshi Ghat
25. Seba-Kunja-Nikunja Ban
26. Kishore Ban
27. Sri Radha Govindji Ka Mandir
28. Temple of Sriji
29. Sudama Kutir
30. Rangnathji Temple
31. Lalla Babu`s Temple
32. Shyam Sundarji Temple
33. Sawaman Saligram
34. Banke Behariji Temple
35. Radhaballavji Temple
36. Ashta Sakhi Temple
37. Brahma Kundra
38. Sri Radha Madhab Mandir of Jaidev
39. Sringara Bat
40. Sakhi Gopal Temple
41. Tadas Mandi or Jamai Benoda Thakur
42. Katyayani Devi Temple-Radhabag
43. Dinajpur Temple of Radha Shyam Royji
44. Jamuna and Ganga-Their Respective Holiness
45. Emli Tala-Beneath the Tamarind Tree
46. Dauji Temple
47. Gyan-Gudhri
48. Krishna-Kali Temple
49. Adwaita Bat-Radha Madan Gopal Temple
50. Amiya Nimai Mandir or Baba Gour Mandir
51. Sinbgha Pour Hanuman Temple
52. Sri Gopalji of Fauzdar Kunja
53. Radha-Madhabji-Golak-Sabha of Baba Kishoridasji
54. Sri Krishna Chalia Mandir of Anandamayi Ma
55. Jugal-Kishorji Temple
56. Parikrama-Circulation and Circumambulation
57. Lilla Kunja of Vrindaban
58. General Information
59. Vrindaban Seva Ashram, Bansibat
60. Festivals in Vrindaban
61. What is Vrindaban-Physical and Spiritual or Esoteric?
62. Karma Fate Destiny
63. Gobardhan Maharaj (Giri Gobardhan)
64. Date of Krishna`s Birth