Studies in the Historical Geography of Ancient India

Studies in the Historical Geography of Ancient India

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Author: O P Bhardwaj
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1986
Language: English
Pages: 312
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185055890


The volume contains twenty research papers in the fields of historical geography, history and ethnography of ancient India, based on a wide and penetrating study of ancient Indian literature Vedic, classical and Prakrit as well as the most recent investigations in the field of epigraphy and archaeology.

The author has brought to light new facts and revolutionizing interpretations of existing source material, giving the lie to the superficial derivations based on mere sound similarities, as is convincingly exemplified by his epoch-making identifications like that of Ludhiana with the Ailadhana of Valmiki's Ramayana; of the Shiwalik hills with the Salvakagiri of Paninis Ganapatha; among several others.






1. Naubandhana
2. Plaksa Prasravana
3. More on Plaksa Prasravana
4. Identification of Vinasana and Some Consequential Observations
5. Pururava`s Pratisthana
6. The Identification of Ludhiana on the basis of the Epics and the Puranas
7. The Ailadhana-Ludhiana Equation-A Rejoinder
8. From the Sutlej to the Ganga with Valmiki
9. Ganga to Ghaggar with Valmiki
10. Valmiki`s Geography of Kurukshetra
11. Identification of the Vedic Site Karoti
12. Janamejaya Pariksita and Two Ancient Traditions of Kurukshetra
13. Location of the Naimisa Forest
14. The Romance of Ancient Rohtak
15. Gautama Buddha in Kurukshetra
16. Who were the Bhadanakas?
17. Restoration of Geographical Names in Northern India
18. Vedic Sites of Northern India
19. Identification of Barhismati-Notes and Criticism
20. Two Ancient Tribes of North India-The Mujavats and the Mahavras