Studies in Indian Coins and Seals

Studies in Indian Coins and Seals

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Author: Sh Devendra Handa
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1985
Language: English
Pages: 236
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The book is a collection of thirty-one chapters dealing with coins and currency from the period of their appearance to the modern times. A new series of local early silver coins have been published here for the first time. The papers bring to light the first Kshudraka and Vrishni copper coins, new varieties of Kada and Arjunayana coins, the smallest coins of the Malavas and Ala-ud-Din Khilji, a unique coin of Shah Alam II and a rare bilingual commemorative medal of the time of Guru Gobind Singh, some interesting temple tokens, commemorative medals, etc. Interesting pieces like Alexander's tatradrachm, coins of Rudrila and the paper coins of the Bikaner state also find place in these pages.

Neglected coins of the Rajanyas have been brought to the notice of the scholars and some wrongly attributed coins like those of the Audmbara-Mitras, Vidisagupta and `Thaka-pa` have been reattributed. Punch-marked coins from Sunh and legends on Agacha coins have been studied afresh. The significance of Invaradatta`s dated coin restruck and reused Kushana and Yaudheya coins and the bearing of the Yaudheya coin moulds have been brought out adequately. A comprehensive study of the coins of Somaladevi and seals and sealings from Punjab has been presented. The book thus brings to light not only fresh material but also presents new interpretations of known coins and legends.





1. A New Series of Local Early Silver Coins
2. Punch-marked Coins from Sugh
3. A Copper Punch-marked Coin from Pandusar
4. Alexander`s Tetradrachm
5. Numismatic Evidence of the kshudrakas
6. A New Variety of kada Coins
7. A New Type of Arjunayana Coin
8. Legends on Agacha Coins
9. Some Hitherto Neglected Rajanya Coins
10. Identity of the Mitra Rulers of Punjab
11. The Smallest Malava Coins
12. Vrishni Copper Coins From Punjab
13. Initial Year of Mahakshatrapa Isvaradatta`s Rule
14. Re-Struck and Re-Used Kushana and Yaudheya Coins
15. Coins of a New Naga King
16. Some Clay Sealings From Sunet
17. The Bearing of the Yaudheya Coin-Moulds From Sunet on Sectional Yaudheya Coins
18. Seals and Sealings from Punjab-A Study
19. Coins of Vidisagupta and other Huna Rulers
20. The So-Called `Thakapa` Coins
21. Coins of Somaladevi
22. Some New Coins of Nasiru-D-Din Khusru
23. The Smallest Copper Coin of Alau-D-Din Khilji
24. Jaler, Jalesar or Jagner?
25. An Unique Coin of Shah Alam II
26. An Unique Billingual Commemorative Medal
27. Some Interesting Temple Tokens
28. Independence Day And Other Commemorative Medals
29. A New Gandhi-Nehru Medal
30. A New Commemorative Medal
31. Paper Coins of Bikaner State