Sri Dineshacandrika - Studies in Indology

Sri Dineshacandrika - Studies in Indology

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Author: B N Mukherjee
D R Das/S P Singh
Editor(s): B N Mukherjee / D R Das / S P Singh
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1983
Language: English
Pages: 454
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This book is a fitting tribute of felicitation paid by a generation of scholars, old and new, to an outstanding historian and archaeologist, Prof Dines Chander Sircar, internationally known Indologist and epigraphist.

The collection of research papers is at once scholarly and of absorbing interest, and represents a cross-section of Indian scholarship in various subjects such as Indian history, prehistory, protohistory, epigraphy, numismatics, art, architecture and sculpture subjects which were very dear to Shri Dines Chander Sircar.






1. A Note on the Nagari Inscription of Mughal Emperor Babur From Gwalior Fort -
Z A Desai
2. More New Inscriptions From Mundesvari-Richard Salomon
3. On Brajanatha Simha of Assam- Jai Prakash Singh
4. The Tekkalakota Inscription of Brahmadhiraja, Saka 943-N.Nanjundaswamy
5. An Adiyaman Inscription From Laddigam-M.D.Sampath
6. A Note on Helebid Inscription of Vira Ballala II, Mentioning Kalachurya Bijjala-Madhav N.Katti
7. Silver Punch-Marked Coin From Jangambadi (Gaya) - R.L.Varma
8. Contemporary Forgeries of Silver Coins of Kumaragupta I - Ajay Mitra Shastri
9. On the Recent Findings of Ground and Polished Stone Industries of South West Bengal-M.Bhattacharaya
10. A Buried Town At Katra - Krishna Kant Sharma
11. Indological Notes (2) : Kinjar Hoard of Early Indian Coins-Sarjug Prasad Singh
12. Observations on the Chief Priests of Early Medieval Temples in Andhra Pradesh-B.P.Mazumdar
13. Epigraphical References to Pujyapada-A.V.Narasimha Murthy
14. Early Jainism and Archaeological Cultures-K.C.Jain
15. Apropos of Mahavacaka Arya Nandi Ksamasramma-M.A.Dhaky
16. Vasudeva-Krsna Cult-The Early Phase-K.D.Bajpai
17. Devaladharmasutra on Aisvaryas-Lallanji Gopal
18. The Ramayana in the Canonical Texts of the Buddhists and Jains-Asim Kumar Chatterjee
19. Tambula : A Forgotten Hindu Custom-P.V.Parabrahma Sastry
20. Three Interesting Sale Deeds of the 12th-14th Centuries-B.R.Gopal
21. Musalimandugu and its Antiquities-R.Subrahmanyam
22. Mahinda`s Route to Ceylon-T.V.Mahalingam
23. Ancient Sea-Ports of South India-Their Trade Relationship with the Western World During the First Century B.C. to Second Century A.D. -- C.Margabandhu
24. Bhottavisti : Its Nature and Collection-Ranabir Chakravarti
25. Sanjan - A Miniature Bombay in c. A.D.980-H.D.Sankalia
26. Early Brahmanic Settlement in Bengal-Pre Pala Period-Chitrarekha gupta
27. A Note on Kusanamula-Shobhana Gokhale
28. Maithila Panditas Beyond the Frontiers of Mithila-Upendra Thakur
29. The Battle of Penukonda and its Date-C.Somasundara Rao
30. Origin of Republics in India with Spcial Reference to the Yaudheya Tribe-Mahesh Kumar Sharan
31. Military System of the Rajput States During "Grand Anarchy" - Ravindra Kumar Sharma
32. Resistance to British Power in Kerala in the Pre-Mutiny Period of Indian History-T.P.Sankarankutty Nair
33. Influence of Indian Thought of the West-N.N.Bhattacharya
34. A Reappraisal of Samudra Gupta`s Digvijaya - M.G.S. Narayanan
35. Varna, Jati and Technical Occupations in the Dharmasastra-Rajeshwar Prasad Singh
36. Sculptural Assets of the Gupta Period in Gaya-mathura Mohan Chakravarti
37. Sattra in Indian Epigraphy and Art-Krishna Deca
38. A New Temple-Type From Jageswar-D.R.Das
39. Mahaparinirvana of Buddha in Indian Sculpture-An Iconological Analysis-Ratan Parimoo
40. Depiction of Temple of Visnukundi Coins-I.K.Sharma
41. Mahisamardini Images of Ancient and Medieval India- Gourisankar De
42. A Brass Lamp From Nepal-S.S.Biswas
43. Transmission of An Iconic Motif-D.C.Bhattacharyya
44. Technique and Style in Pala Painting-Jayanta Chakrabarti
45. A Note on Six Gandharan Sculptures-T.K.Biswas
46. Images of Dancing Ganesa From Bihar-Prahalad Singh
47. Identification and Origin of the `Sprinkler`- Arun K. Nag
48. Maluti-The Village of Gods & Goddness-H.K.Narain
49. A Note on the Jhukar Pottery-A.G.pal
50. A Rare Mathura Head in the Bharatiya Kala Bhavan, Gaya-Narendra Kumar Sinha
51. A Post-Asokan Inscription from Panngoraria in the Vindhyan Range-H.Sarkar
52. A Note on the Kandahar Fragmentary Aramaic Inscription of Asoka -
B N Mukherjee