Sraddhanjali - Studies in Ancient Indian History

Sraddhanjali - Studies in Ancient Indian History

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Author: K K Das Gupta
K Bhattacharyya/R D Choudhury
Editor(s): K K Das Gupta / K Bhattacharyya / R D Choudhury
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1988
Language: English
Pages: 484
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185067104


Dr D C Sircar is a great name in the field of Indological studies, and will continue to remain so for many years to come, even after his demise in January 1985. The present volume is to perpetuate the sacred memory of Dr Sircar and pay a tribute to this great scholar of international reputation. The volume consists of a number of papers read at the VIII Annual Conference of the Indian History & Culture Society, held at Guwahati in December 1984.

Besides, a great galaxy of scholars, old and new, Indian and foreign, has contributed wholeheartedly to it. The research papers deal with subjects such as ancient Indian history, prehistory, protohistory, epigraphy, numismatics, art, architecture and sculpture subjects, which were very dear to Dr Sircar.




1. Dr.Dineschandra Sircar (1907-1985)-Pranab Kumar Bhattacharyya
2. An East-West Synthesis-Annada Sankar Ray
3. On Dogmas of Orientalism-Bimal Krishna Motilal
4. The Cult of Sri of Srividya and its Association with Temporal Kingship-M.C.Joshi
5. South Kosala and Buddhism-K.D.Bajpai
6. Govindabhisheka-A Significant Episode in the Puranic Tradition of Krishna-Kalyan Kumar Gangli
7. Janinism During the Pala-Sena Period-Mandira Bhattacharya
8. Rajdharma in Early Medieval Kashmir-Analysis of a Regional Peculiarity in National Context-Y.B.Singh
9. The Physician Poets of Magadha-Gouriswar Bhattacharya
10. Chinese Pilgrims on Academic Regulations and Activities of Monasteries in Ancient Bengal and Bihar-Puspa Niyogi
11. Brahmanical Education in Kamarupa(C. 6th-12th Centuries A.D.) as Known from the Inscriptions-Sanghamitra Dasgupta
12. On the Concept of Samantas in Early Medieval Bengal (C.5th-13th Centuries A.D.)-Swapna Bhattacharya
13. Some Aspects of the Historicity of the Nibandhas of North Bihar(C.A.D.1097-1526)-B.P.Mazumdar
14. Nayaka System in Medieval Orissa-Shishir Kumar Panda
15. Some Aspects of Religious and Literary Contacts Between India and Thailand-Upendra Thakur
16. Megasthenes on Writing and Smritis-Lallanji Gopal
17. Methods of Calculation and Measures of Weight in India and South-East Asia: A Preliminary Survey of Links-H.B.Sarkar
18. On Two North-Eastern Indian Coins-N.D.Rhodes
19. Two Eighteenth Century Inscriptions from West Dinajpur-Pranab Kumar Bhattacharyya
20. The Origin of the Buddha Image-Kalyan Kumar Dasgupta
21. The Art of Sculpture in Ancient Punjab-R.P.Srivastava
22. A New Type of Mahishamardini from Bangladesh-M.Rahman
23. Some Rare Durga Icons-P.K.Mishra
24. Images of Tapasvini Parvati from Haryana-Devendra Handa
25. Terracotta Art of Tripura-Ratna Das
26. Ancient South Indian Metallurgy : A Reappraisal-Ravindra N.Singh
27. Lalitaditya Muktapida, the First Antiquarian King of India-Jai Narain & Ramakant Tiwari
28. Human Sacrifice in Assam and Adjoining Regions-N.N.Acharyya
29. Religious Syncretism in Ancient India : A Conceptual Approach-Jyotsna Roy Choudhury
30. Marttanda-Bhairava : The Composite from of Siva and Surya-Juthika Maitra
31. Impact of Indo-Greek Coins on Succeeding Issues of Foreign and Indigenous Rulers-A.N.Lahiri
32. Earthquakes in Medieval Assam-Jai Prakash Singh
33. Art in the Royal Seals of the Inscriptions from Assam-R.D.Choudhury
34. Some Bengal Terracottas of Foreign Inscriptions-Uma Chakraborti (Mukhopadhyay)
35. Two Exceptional Coins of Ratna and Mukuta Manikya of Tripura-Jahar Acharjee
36. Hityherto Unknown Coin of the Jayantia Kingdom-Vasant Chowdhury & Parimal Roy
37. New Light on Manipur History from the Rare Coins Preserved in Mutua Museum-P.Gunindra Singh
38. Assam`s Medieval Trade with Bengal - A Numismatic View-Nisar Ahmed
39. Religious Affiliations of the Medieval Non-Muammadan Rulers of North-Eastern States of India as Reflected on their Coins-Bela Lahiri
40. The Paglatek Hoard and the Relation Between Kamarupa and Samatata-B.N.Mukherjee
41. Three Unreporte Coins from North-East India-S.K.Bose
42. Pre and Protohistoric Assemblages in Tamilnadu and Kerala : An Appraisal-I.K.Sarma
43. An Interesting Image of Mahisasuramardini-Devendra Handa
44. A New Important Inscription from Junnar-Shobhana Gokhale
45. Medals in the Madras Government Museum-N.Sankaranarayana
46. `Ayas` in Vedic Literature-Korak K.Choudhuri
47. A Brief Note on the Laity as Depicted in the Anguttara Nikaya-Gayatri Sen Majumdar
48. On the Characteristic Features of the Inscriptions of Medieval Assam-Sarharuddin Ahmed
49. Vaisali Mukhalinga Revisited-Gautam Sen Gupta
50. Inscriptional Evidences of Nalanda-C.C.Mullick
51. New Light on the Ahalya-Indra Story of the Ramayana-Biswanarayan Shastri
52. Sarvastivad-Vijnanavad Controversy on Prapti and Aprapti in the Ch`eng Wei Shih Lun of Hsiian Tsang-Swati Ganguly
53. Social Background of Religious Conversion in 14th and Early 15th Century Kashmir-Rattanlal Hangloo
54. Stratigraphic Evidences of Coins from Excavations at Mathura-Sunil C.Ray
55. Mohajamata Temple at Terahi-B.L.Nagarch
56. Coin-The Extent of its Use in Assam with Special Reference to the Matak Kingdom-S.Dutta
57. Extent of the Ancient Pragjyotisa Kingdom-Dimbeswsar Sarma
58. The Barmurtiya Bil Copper Plate Inscription, 1314 Saka-Maheswar Neog
59. An Unpublished Image of Harihara-Bijanbihari De