Varaha Purana

Varaha Purana

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Author: B K Chaturvedi
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 108
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8128809326


Puranas are almost like an encyclopaedia listing the human achievements in this part of the world till the time they were edited or compiled. In every cycle of time the master editor called Vedavyas emerges to edit, vet and compile these records. Their significance is enormous even in the present, as they give a peep into the distant past of Hindus when the world was evolving and the psyche of the race was being formed.

These Puranas record the arguments that make us to decide as to what is holy and what is vile; what is good and what is bad. By going through them we can compare our present day jurisprudence vis-à-vis the ancient norms. Apart from that, they are a huge store-house of information conceiving every subject under the sun. It is with the view of unearthing these gems that the present series of the puranas has been planned.

Hearing, reading, reciting Varaha Purana destroys one’s sins, liberates one and assuages the mind’s sufferings. It also yields sons and grandsons. When Varaha Purana is heard in a Teertha it bestows much greater punya than received by hearing it at any other place. Reading one chapter of the Varaha Purana grants the same amount of Punya as can be obtained by donating to a Brahmin a healthy cow. One gets the reward received by performing a huge yagya (sacrifice) if one reads ten chapters of this Purana. He, who reads, listens or arranges the recital of this Purana becomes beloved of Lord Narayana immediately.



What Are the Puranas?
Varaha and Its Various Representations
The Beginning of the Purana and the Beginning of Creation
Narada and Priyavarta
The Tale of Ashwashira, Vasu and Raivya
Vaishnavi Devi (Saraswati)
Rudrani and Ruru
The Importance of Kapalika Vrata
The Tale of Satyatapa
Shveta and Vinitashva
How the Earth Was Rescued?
The Way to Propitiate Lord Vishnu
The Tale of Durjaya
Sage Markandeya’s Instructions to Gauramukha on Sharddha
The Significance of the Vratas on Special Tithis
The Cycle of Ages
Lord Vishnu Is Supreme
Details of the Bhuvankosha (Geography & Astronomy)
Penance or Atonement for Various Sins
Maya (Illusion)
Important Teerthas
Mathura and Other Near-about Holy Spots
How to Build the Images?
How to Honour the Dead?
The Story of Nachiketa
Alms Giving, Donation etc
Significance of Varaha Purana