Rupanjali : In Memory of O C Gangoly

Rupanjali : In Memory of O C Gangoly

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Author: Kalyan Kumar Ganguly
S S Biswas/
Editor(s): Kalyan Kumar Ganguly / S S Biswas
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1986
Language: English
Pages: 398
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185055904


The contents of the book have been planned in two sections namely, (a) The Reminiscences and Tributes; and (b) The Essay. The Reminiscences and Tributes reveal the profile and personality of Prof. Gangoly and his deep genius is manifested in his manifold activities.

That he was a painter of merit is witnessed by one in his paintings entitled `The First Image of Buddha, which has been illustrated in this volume. The essays have been contributed by eminent scholars and experts in their respective areas. The article of Swami Prajnanananda on O C Gangoly's findings on the origin and psychic value of the Ragas and Raginis of India reveal a rare side of Prof. Gangoly's contribution to the study of Indian music.

The reminiscences and tributes from eminent friends of Prof. Gangoly like Mulk Raj Anand, Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay and tributes from his admirers like P C Chunder, former union minister for education and culture, have further enriched the volume.







1. O C Gangoly-The Man and His Contribution to Art and Culture (Adapted from a Bengali Article By Sudha Bose)-Srihari Gangoly
2. O C Gangoly-A Tribute-Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay
3. Dear Good Friend-O.C.Gangoly-Mulk Raj Anand
4. O C Gangoly as I Saw Him as Professor-Bimal Kumar Datta
5. O C Gangoly, the Master as I Saw Him- Sudha Bose
6. O C Gangoly, Esq., Attorney-at-Law-P C Chunder


7. The Human Challenge-Pupul Jayakar
8. Of Murti and Pratima-D.C.Bhattacharyya
9. Kali Worshipped in Bengal-D.C.Sircar
10. Sakti Images in Bharat Kala Bhavan-T.K.Biswas
11. Mahisasuramardini Images on Orissan Temples-D.R.Das
12. The Early Phase of the Iconography of Durga Simhavahini-S.P.Shukla
13. Ancient Indian Urban Art and Culture(c.600 B.C.-A.D.600)-A Framework of Inquiry-Vijay Kumar Thakur
14. Pre-Maurya Terracottas of the Ganga Valley (c.600-320 B.C.)-Devangana Desai
15. The Uttarakhand Art-Some Special Features-Sheo Bahadur Singh
16. Some Observations on a Sculpture from Nagda-P.K.Trivedi
17. An Inscribed Image of Chakrasvami and New Light on the Tomaras of Delhi-Devendra Handa
18. Sculptural Representations of Saiva Teachers from Southern Rajasthan-C.Margabandhu & P.K.Trivedi
19. Beginnings of Saivism in South India with Special References to Date of Gudimallam Linga-H.Sarkar
20. A Note on the Lala Bhagat Pillar-B.N.Mukherjee
21. Two Metal Images From Nepal-Makar Mitra
22. Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta-A Study-K.V.Ramesh
23. Thoughts on the Historical Geography if the South-Madhav N.Katti
24. Reference to the Babylonian Goddess Nana in the Inscription of Kaniska : Year 10-S.P.Tewari
25. A Note on Terracotta Plaque from Kolhua District Vaisali, Bihar-Kalyan Priya Gupta
26. A Pre-Kushana Royal Figure from Bhaja-P.Banerjee
27. Bhuvanesvara Mahadeva Temple, Balia-Debala Mitra
28. Architectural Data in the Early Terracottas of Bengal-S.S.Biswas
29. Glimpses into the Temple Architecture on Some Early Indigenous Coins of Northern India-D.Mukherjee
30. Kapilesvara Temple, Kumaon-Maheshwar P.Joshi
31. Farrukh Beg the Artist and the Deccani Problem-Karl J.Khandalvala
32. George Landseer (1834-78) : A Forgotten Painter of the Indian Scene-Mildred Archer
33. Miniature Painting Ornaments-Vijay Krishna
34. Visual Dialogue in Indian Painting-Jayanta Chakrabarti
35. Neo-Bengal School of Painting-Asok K.Bhattacharya
36. O.C.Gangoly`s Findings on the Origin and Psychic Value of the Ragas and Raginis pf Indian Music-Swami Prajnananda
37. The Dance and the Meditation-Mrinalini U.Sarabhai
38. Style and Symbolic Motifs in the Art of Arunachal-A.K.Das
39. Sola Pithwork-an Expression of Folk Art in Bengal-Atul Chandra Bhowmick
40. Ornamentation of Indian Arms and Armour-G.N.Pant
41. Some Aspects of Indian Jewellery-Somnath Mukhopadhyay
42. A Mughal Carpet of the Early Seventeenth Century-Ramesh Chandra Sharma
43. Pampa Sarassu and Hampi-C.T.M.Kotraiah
44. Aesthetic Approach : Indian and Western-Sudhir Nandi
45. Two Byzantine Objects and the Indian Connection-Prataoaditya Pal
46. Siva in the Brahmanical Art of South-East Asia-Upendra Thakur
47. The Interrelationship of Buddhist and Brahmanical Iconography in 18th Century, Nepal-N.R.Banerjee
48. Some Wooden Sculpture Newly Collected for Assam State Museum-R.D.Chowdhury
49. Bodhisattva Maitreya in Early Art-K D Bajpai