Rangavalli : Recent Researches in Indology -  S R Rao Felicitation Volume

Rangavalli : Recent Researches in Indology - S R Rao Felicitation Volume

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Author: A V Narasimha Murthi
B K Gupuraja Rao/
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1983
Language: English
Pages: 430
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740795


Rangavalli is a flitting tribute of felicitations paid by a generation of scholars, old and new from all parts of the world, to an outstanding archaeologist, Dr S R Rao, internationally known for the decipherment of the Indus script.

The collection of research essays is at once scholarly and varied and of absorbing interest, and represents a cross-section of Indian scholarship in various subjects such as Indian history, prehistory, protohistory, epigraphy, numismatics, art, architecture, sculpture, painting, religion and culture. Thus, Rangavalli, as its name signifies, presents a vast spectrum of the various facets of Indian culture and gives a panoramic view that is a delight to behold.

The volume has contributions from Dr K D Bajapai, Dr Lallanji Gopal, Dr Upendra Thakur, Dr Ajay Mirta Sastry, Dr M K Dhavalikar, Dr K V Raman, Dr K V Ramesh and others.


1. The Relevance of Experimental Approach in Indian Prehistory-K Paddayya
2. Metrical Analysis of Acheulian Tools From Puleru Valley, Coastal Andhra Pradesh-V Vmadhysudhana Rao
3. Maratipalam and Chintalapalem : Two Late Acheulian Sites in South Eastern Andhra Pradesh-V Rami Reddy and S.Bhasker
4. Eastern Indian Neolithic Culture in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh-B.R.Subrahmanyam
5. Chalcolithic Burials of Inamgaon-M.K.Dhavalikar
6. Socio-Econoic Life in Protohistoric Karnataka-B K Gururaja Rao
7. A Critical Study of the Technical Investigation Made on NVP-T N Roy
8. Restoration : A Critical View-N Harinarayana
9. A Note on the Reh Inscription-T P Verma
10. Dive-Agar Plates of Ganga Durvinita-M.D.Sampath
11. Note on a Verse of the inscription from Kudarkot-S.P.Tewari
12. The Kanchipuram Inscription of Jata-Choda Bhima and Rajaraja-S.Sankaranarayan
13. A New Tamil Inscription From Bahur, Pondicherry-L.K.Srinivasan & Shivananda Venkata Rao
14. Rajpur Copper Plate Grant of Paramara Naravarman-K.V.Ramesh & Subramonia Iyer
15. Srikurmanatha Temple Inscriptions : A Study-S.S. Ramachandra Murthy
16. Two Inscriptions on Kanyadana-K.G.Krishnan
17. A New Inscription of Muhammad Bin Tughluq Shah From Basav Kalyan(Kalyani)-Z.A.Desai
18. Discovery of Brahmi Inscription at Brindavan (Madan /mohan Temple Complex)-K.P.Poonacha
19. Significance of Lad Khan Temple Inscription-Shrinivas V. Padigar
20. Some Problems of Karnataka Coinage-A.V.Narasimha Murthy
21. Vasishthiputra Sivasri Pulumavi-Ajay Mitra Shastri
22. Early Transport Vehicle From Ganga Valley-C.Margabandhu
23. The Place of Ur in the Economic and Social History of the Early Tamilnadu From A.D. 750 to 1350-Y.Subbarayalu
24. The Madhyastha in the Village Administration of Medieval Tamilnadu-K.S.Ramachandran
25.Weights and Measures in Early Medieval Karnataka-M.V.Krishnppa
26.Rashtrakuta Ruling Families of Orissa-Smt. Snigdha Tripathy
27. Anhilwad Patan and Merutungacharya-R.N.Mehta
28. The Economic Condition of Medieval Karnataka as Reflected in the Travel Accounts of Caesar Frederic 1563-1581-H.S.Ramanna
29. Buddha`s Birth Scenes in Indian Sculpture-Ratan Parimnoo
30. Satavahana Terracottas From Pithan-S.J.Manalam
31. Sculpture Under the Chalukyas of Badami-Mrs. Nalini Nagaraj
32. Note on the Mahishamardini Panel at Soluvakuppan-Madhav N.Katti
33. A Portrait of Krishna III?--N.S. Ramaswami
34. Western Ganga Jaina Vestiges at Tippuru, District Mandya-I.K.Sharma
35. The Images of Naga Muchilinda and his Consort at Village Gulgaon, District Raisen (M.P.) - A.P.Sagar
36. Lakshminarayana Temple at Mudigonda-M.S.Krishna Murthy
37. Sabari Temple at Sureban : A Rare Sikhara-S.V.P.Halakatti
38. Temples and Sculptures From Bilichodu-A.Sundara
38. Jewellery and Ornaments in Hoysala Period-A Sculptural Study-T.Dayananda Patel and M.Radha
40. Ramalingesvara Temple at Hungund-B.V.Shetti
41. Mahasadasiva in Hindu Iconography-K.Krishna Murthy
42. Vishnu Sculpture in Goa Museum-D.B.Naik
43. A Somaskandamurti Sculpture From Markanda, District Chanda in Maharashtra-D.Hanumatha Rao
44. The Influence of Western Architecture on the Temples of Goa (18th Century to 20th Century)-V.R.Mitragotri
45. Muktesvara Temple-Kanchipuram-K.K.Ramamurthy
46. Naladurga-A Unique Fort in Medieval Deccan-S.K.Joshi
47. The Origin of Playing Cards-A Note-S.Mokashi Punekar
48. Indian Monks in Japan-Upendra Thakur
49. Krishna and Krishnaism Across India-B.N.Puri
50. The Date of the Durusamhita-Lallanji Gopal
51. Thai India Cultural Ties-K.V.Raman
52. Dr.S.R.Rao & His Career-Nalini Nagaraj Rao
53. Dr. S.R.Rao & His Works-H.R.Raghunath Bhat