Nobility Under the Great Mughals

Nobility Under the Great Mughals

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Author: Z A Desai
Translator(s): Z A Desai
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 312
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175741473


The Dhakhiratul Khawanin, hitherto neglected first biographical dictionary of the great Mughals is a rich mine if information. It contains new and detailed information which are not found in other contemporary and near contemporary sources. It provides not only new information, throws new light on the life, personal habits etc. of even such well-known persons as Nawab Itimadud Daula, Nur Jahan, Asaf Khan, Shaista Khan, Mirza Afrasiyab, Mir Jumala, Sadullah Khan, Motamid Khan Bakshi, Raja Suraj Singh Rathore, Raja Gaj Singh, Mirza Sultan, Jahangir Quli Khan, Raja Jagan Nath Kachwaha, Fidai Khan, Jahangir Quli Khan, Shaikh Ambiya, Qadi Isa, Mulla Muhammad of Thatta, Suraj Mal, but provides information about the lesser important amirs, both Muslims and non Muslims, who headed the establishments of ministers and generals. The Dhakhira was compiled by Shaikh Farid Bhakkari, a civil official of note.

This very important source of Mughal history has so far remained inaccessible to the scholars and researchers for want of English translation. This translation will be of great interest not only for Medieval historians and researchers, but others related subjects also.