Early Buddhism : Doctrine and Discipline

Early Buddhism : Doctrine and Discipline

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Author: C H S Ward
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 149
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185066612


Human being is addicted to power: Power over other human beings. This vice manifests itself in various forms, as such as, Economic Power, Politics of Power, Priestly Power and Knowledge as a source of Power etc. When, Siddhartha Gotama was born, the royal astrologer predicted that either he would become a Universal Monarch or attained Sambadhi and thus become the Buddha. Obviously, the prediction pointed to the enormous energy inherent in the child Gotama.

And, we know the young Gotama refused to be an addict to power, Being an heir apparent, he turned his back on Kapilavastu the capital of his father's kingdom and a seat of Power in preference to search for the Truth-Truth of Nibbana (skt : Nirvana), a state of extinction of flame of carving for power. Gotama, now, Gotama the Buddha, who discovered, and delineated the Path, for others as well, leading to the transformation of energy finally in to compassion directly opposed to the impulse of power.

This book describes, in comparative light and in the background of humanistic tradition based on pali tipitaka, all that is essential to know about Gotama the acharya manusa, who like lion roared the Four Noble Truths (cattari arya saccani) to the four corners of the world, underlying the noble message of compassion (karuna) for all.





1. The Sources of Our Knowledge of the Buddha and His Teaching
2. The Buddha
3. The Birth and Early Life of Gotama Buddha
4. The Home Leaving of Gotama Buddha
5. The Public Ministry of Gotama Buddha
6. The Last Words and Death of Gotama Buddha


7. Buddhist Doctrine : Its Ethics, Psychology and Metaphysics
8. The Three universal Truths
9. The Buddhist Doctrine of Man
10. Karma and Rebirth, or the Buddha's Teaching About the Future Life
11. The Buddha's Way of Salvation. Nirvana : What it is, And How it is to be Attained

12. The Order of the Buddha's Disciples
13. The Historical Development of Buddhism
14. Buddhism as a Religion



1. The Buddha and His Doctrine
2. Translations From the Buddhist Canon and Other Authoritative Pali Books
3. Miscellaneous Literature

Index of Names

Index of Subjects