Art and Culture of Tamil Nadu

Art and Culture of Tamil Nadu

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Author: R Nagaswami
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1980
Language: English
Pages: 236
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740159


The pan-Indian nature of Tamil culture is manifest in their literature, art impulses, aesthetic sense, socioeconomic and religious conditions.

This book has presented a cross section of the communities-the king and commoner, aristocrat and agriculturist-highlighting their life, customs, obligathetions, etc.

It shows that the temple was the hub of the society and the festivals were a unifying factor among the people. The book is well illustrated too.




1. Social and Cultural Life in Medieval Tamil Land
2. Fresh Light on Dravidian People
3. The Festival of the Cosmic Dancer
4. The Origin and Development of Kaumaram
5. Temples of Village Gods
6. Early Sati Stones from Tamil Nadu
7. The Varaha Temple at Srimushnam
8. Kapalisvara Temple at Mylapore
9. Tirupperunturai- A Yoga Pithasthala
10. The Narrunaippan Temple at Nanipalli
11. The Monolithic Art of Kalugumalai
12. Temple at Tiruvarur
13. The Shore Temple at Mamallapuram
14. The Temple of Kshetrapala at Tiruvalanjuli
15. The Temple of Arappalisvara
16. Melapperumpallam Bronzes
17. Some Bronzes from Thanjavur Temple
18. Gold Images and Temple Jewelery from Madurai
19. Panamalai Paintings
20. Khaberies Emporion-Port City of the Cholas
21. Antiquity of Madras and its Neighbourhood
22. A Pallava Grantha Inscription in Siam and its Significance
23. The Date of Divyasuricharitam-A Historical Work on Vaishnava Saints
24. Ananda Coomaraswamy -An Appreciation and Tribute
25. Astronomy as an Aid to History