Archaeology and Art of India

Archaeology and Art of India

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Author: B P Sinha
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1979
Language: English
Pages: 227
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740108


The essays included in this book will give the readers not only some useful data on the recent archaeological finds, but also inform them about the views held or suggestions made by the author on some of the major problems facing Indian archaeologists today.



1. Problems of Indian Archaeology
2. Some Aspects of Pre-History and Proto-History of Ancient India
3. Some Problems of Ancient Indian Potteries
4. Neolithic Culture in the Gangetic Valley
5. Bone Tools from Chirand & Burzhom : A Comparative Study
6. The Mahabharata and Indian Archaeology
7. Excavations at Champa
8. Material Culture of the Bihar Plains : 600 BC-1300 AD
9. Archaeological Activities in Bihar
10. Buxar Terracottas
11. Crystal Human-Figure from Sonpur
12. Some Rare Antiquities from Recent Excavations in Bihar
13. Representation of Ramayanic Scenes in an Old Temple Wall at Aphsad
14. A Rare Image of Sadyojata
15. Some Reflections on Indian Sculpture (Stone or Bronze) of Buddhist Deities Trampling on Hindu Deities
16. Some Problems of Ancient Indian Numismatics