Classic Cooking of Rajasthan

Classic Cooking of Rajasthan

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Author: Jiggs Kalra
Ian Pereira/
Photographer: Ian Pereira
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 91
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8177647695


Rajasthan, the cradle of chivalry and the land of romance, evokes resplendent images of majestic forts and beautiful palaces. The food in Rajasthan, the land of princes, matches its cultural inheritance in architecture, crafts and music.

The present-day state touches the borders of Punjab and Gujarat on one side and Haryana and Madhya Pradesh on the other. Its cuisine has been enriched by diversity of influences. There is a strong tradition of vegetarian repast, cherished by Jains who lay the greatest emphasis on on-violence. The intrepid traders and merchant princes have travelled to different parts of the country from the Marwar region and have an all-India presence and in the process have made a unique contribution to this repertoire.

The folk song, Rang rangeelo maro Rajasthan, aptly paints world pictures that reflect accordingly the vibrant splashes of colour in tie-an-dye fabrics, exotically decorated camels and scarlet sunsets amid the sand dunes. The tales of heroism that the balladeers sing reverberate long after the singing has ceased. The melodies are haunting that keep fresh the memory of beautiful princess who aroused great passions and at times triggered wars changing the course of history. Not much grows in the arid wasteland of the desert but this has not cramped the culinary style of those who dwell there. They have imaginatively created myriad delicacies from lentils, dairy produce and what little vegetables are locally available.

Over the centuries Rajasthan has emerged as a region with a distinct culinary identity of its own.


Czar of Indian Food-taste-maker to the nation, Jiggs Kalra’s chief contribution to the culinary arts of India is to make people conscious of its great tradition and vast variety.
-Khushwant Singh


Jiggs Kalra and Pushpesh Pant



Achaari Andey
Khad Murg
Murg Sheora-Natwra
Murg ke Mokul
Murg ke Sooley
Shorbedaar Murg
Bhunney Murg ke Pasandey
Handiwale Murg ke Pasandey
Khadhe Masaley ka Murg
Murg ki Chaamp
Maas ki Kadhi
Akhaa Peenda
Laal Maas
Maas ke Sooley
Gol Maas Kaacher
Safaed Mas
Mewar ka Soweta
Bharwaan Pasandey
Chaamp Badaami
Gobhi Rajwadi
Bharri Harri Mirch ka Khaata
Paneer ke Sooley
Amrud ki subzi
Scoop Lady Di

Arbi ke Kebab
Jaipuri Subz Seekh
Aloo ki Tehree
Baingan Bemisaal
Baingan Bemisaal
Baingan ki Launj
bharwaan Parwal
Bhuney bharree Badhi Mirch
dhania Khumb Mongodi
Maaweywale Aloo
Malaai Kofta
rasgulley ki Subzi
Chandrakaar Paneer
Muttar ki Kachori
Til ki Tikki tamater ki Tari
Marua Aloo ke Saath
Mirchiwala Paneer
Paneer Jaipuri
Pudina Paneer
Keri ki Launjee
Makki ka Halwa

Kandhey ki Subzi
Papad Methi ki Subzi
Bhunnee Besan ki Masaledaar Bhindee
Chatpatti Gobhi
Dhania Aloo Mongodi
Mongodi ki Subzi
Heng Jeerey ke Aloo
Methi Kishmish
Mawa Muttar
Kadhi Pakorhi
Urad ki Daal
basan ke Gatte
Moong Daal Khilma
Daal Baati churma
Badaam Burfi