India in the World Order

India in the World Order

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Author: Baldev Raj Nayar
T V Paul/
Publisher: Cambridge University press
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 291
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175962313


Two highly regarded scholars come together to examine India’s relationship with the world’s major powers and its own search for a significant role in the international system. Central to the argument is India’s belief that the acquisition of an independent nuclear capability is the key to obtaining such status.

The book details the major constraints at the international, domestic and perceptual levels that India has faced in this endeavor. It concludes, through a detailed comparison of India’s power capabilities, that India is indeed a rising power, but that significant systemic and domestic changes will be necessary before it can achieve its goal.

India in the world Order examines the prospects and implications of India’s integration into the major-power system in the twenty-first century. Given recent developments, the book is extremely timely. Its incisive analysis will be illuminating for students, policymakers, and for anyone wishing to understand the region in greater depth.


India in the World Order is an extremely valuable addition to the literature on Indian foreign policy as well as to the theoretical literature about the interaction between great powers and regionally predominant powers. It deserves to be taken very seriously both by students of South Asia and by theorists of International Relations.
-Mohammed Ayoob, University distinguished Professor of International Relations, Michigan State University



Introduction-India and Its Search for a Major-Power Role

Major-Power Status in the Modern world-India in Comparative Perspective

The Constraints on India-International and Domestic

Nehru’s Grand Strategy for a Major-Power Role, 1947-1964

Strategy in Hard Times-The Long March for Capabilities, 1964-1990

After the Cold war-Adaptation, Persistence and Assertion, 1991-2001

Conclusions-India and the Emerging International Order