Parinita     (HINDI)

Parinita (HINDI)

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Author: Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyaya
Publisher: Subodh
Year: 2000
Language: Hindi
Pages: 80
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Set in early twentieth century Kolkata, Prineeta is the unforgettable story of a child - woman's intense and bittersweet romance.

Lalita, an orphaned girl who lives with her uncle, considers herself betrothed to Shekhar, her benefactor and guardian. After several failed attempts, Lalita finally gets the egotistical Shekhar to admit that he reciprocates her feelings.

However, tensions erupt between Shekhar's prosperous father and Lalita's poor but principled uncle, and the situation is further complicated by the arrival on the scene of Girin, a mild-mannered and eligible bachelor, who is attracted to Lalita.

The lovers' world is turned upside down, and Shekhar and Lalita find themselves estranged. Years later, they meet again, and the story takes another unexpected turn...

Parineeta is a classic that has captured the imgination of generation of readers.