Pangs of Partition - The Parting of Ways : - Volume  One

Pangs of Partition - The Parting of Ways : - Volume One

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Author: S Settar
Indira Baptista Gupta/
Editor(s): S Settar / Indira Baptista Gupta
Publisher: Manohar
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 368
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817304306X


This volume aims at explaining the high politics of the Partition. Seventeen renowned scholars look at the complex interplay of historical events during the last years of the British raj leading to the parting of ways. They reveal behind-the-scenes activist of the Congress, the Muslim league and the British and how pressures were exerted to arrive at a final settlement. The role of some of the stalwarts who occupied the centre stage is traced.

The study moves out of the glare of the centre stage to the wings, so to say, to look at the communal disturbances in a state (CP-Berar) or to understand the role of the congress/ Muslim League in two other provinces (NWFP and UP). It also brings to focus the attitude of different marginal groups, such as subjects of Princely States, the tribals, the Sikhs and others, towards the political solution.

The scene shifts further, to examine the reactions of Indian businessmen and how the final division of economic resources kept this part of the world poor. The historiography of Partition is also highlighted and analysed.