Pak-Americana! -The War that lost Iraq its freedom

Pak-Americana! -The War that lost Iraq its freedom

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Author: C R Irani
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174764534


Whither freedom? And whose freedom it is anyway? What gives the powerful the right to flex their military muscle in defiance of duly established International Law? Is it just Uncle Sam and Cousin Tony dodging the force of world opinion to bring to fruition their dreams of an oil-powered New World Order? Is the democratic world now expected to pick up the pieces in Iraq? And is Iraq only the first in a long list of nations that will be brought to heel? Has Saddam Hussein joined the list of those the West calls terrorists, but whose whereabouts remain unknown? What of the ravaged Iraqi nation and the scars-Physical and psychological-that have been inflicted upon an innocent populace, proud possessor of a civilisational heritage that pre-dates the Modern West by a few thousand years?

These questions and the issues that emanate from the Anglo-American war on Iraq are what this book is about. It is meant to provoke-debate, that is. The positions taken in the pieces here are clearly identifiable as cogent, liberal arguments, based on law, against an unjust war. Whether one supports them or opposes them, neither professional commentators nor laymen can ignore them. Provided the aim is a deeper understanding of the issues that have led to the war on Iraq and are threatening to change the basis on which nation conduct their relations with each other. If not, as one of the pieces in this collection puts, it, you can always thump the table!