A Dictionary of the Central Nicobarese Language

A Dictionary of the Central Nicobarese Language

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Author: Edward Horace Man
Publisher: Mittal Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 000
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


There has been great interest recently in the living conditions and economic and other development possibilities of the Andaman Islands. But the Nicobarese Islands have not attracted the same type of interest. Tourism has flourished in recent years in the Andamans and thus the understanding of that land and it people among the rest of India and the world has been enhanced. But the same cannot be said about the Nicobarese Islands.

The most essential thing in the process of understanding and appreciating any territory is a working knowledge of its language. From this point of view this dictionary would be very useful for the development and progress of this land and its culture and civilization.

A comprehensive vocabulary of the local language was developed by an outstanding geographer, anthropologist, explorer and linguist-Edward Horace Man. Man went to Port Blair as Assistant Superintendent of Andaman and Nicobars. His vast knowledge about many subjects made him eminently qualified to compile this dictionary. It is considered to be authentic from the linguistic and literary points of view. Man’s fundamental book, The Aboriginal Inhabitants of the Andaman Islands (Reprinted by Mittal Publications) is a must for anyone wanting to know anything about this area.

This dictionary is divided into two parts: Part I gives the English-Nicobarese Vocabulary; Part II contains, apart from the Nicobarese-Engilsh vocabulary, a very useful note on Nicobarese grammar.

The re-issue of this dictionary, originally published in 1888, will serve modern scholars of history, sociology and couture in their research on the Nicobarese Islands.