Globalisation and Development Dilemma - Reflections from North East India

Globalisation and Development Dilemma - Reflections from North East India

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Author: M C Behera
Publisher: Mittal Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170999529


The issue of development in north-east region has been a challenge to planers since independence. The region has its own opportunities and constraints, strengths and weaknesses and needs and priorities, but the development initiatives follow the national perspectives of development. Of course, there are special packages and programmes, autonomous corporations, such as, the NERAMAC, NEDFi, NEEPCO, etc, and institutions like NEC (North East Council) and Doner (Department of Development of North Eastern Region), still the region is a backward region in the country. The development initiatives in the region have been shifting along with changing international development discourse.

Naturally, in this era of globalization and liberalization, there is a shift in development Para-digm from top down approach to bottom up, from people around development to development around people, from emphasis on growth factor to the concern for sustainable development and from centralized initiatives to democratic decentralistion in making economic decisions. Associated with such a shift in development paradigm is changing development initiatives in north east region.

The Papers included in this volume initiate a comprehensive exploration of the strategies of development drawing upon field experiences on different issues. Broadly, the strength of the volume emanates from the analysis of the potentials, challenges of development. The essence of the volume lies in focusing attention on the distinct analytical issues and empirical findings in the realm of strategy formulation and policy-making in the context of globalization and development. No doubt, the book will come handy among the students of development studies and development practitioners in general and in the north east region in particular to understand the content of development in the context of globalization in a right perspective.