Raja Rammohun Roy  -  3 Vol Set

Raja Rammohun Roy - 3 Vol Set

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Author: S K Sharma
Publisher: Mittal Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8183240186


Raja Rammohun Roy, a pioneer social, religious, and political reformer, is often called the father of modern India. He was a man of capacious powers of intellect, broad religious sympathies and a very powerful though genial personality. A man of sterling qualities, he was fully equipped with erudite scholarship.

He presents a most instructive study for the New India of which he is a pioneer. In a fulsome tribute, R Venkata Raman has said, the Raja was distinctly different from the other great men of India before his day. In range of vision, in reach of sympathy, in versatility of power, in variety of activities, in co-ordination of interests and in coalescence of idea (he) is a unique figure in the history of India, if not in the annals of the race.

These volumes, it is hoped, will be well received by the academics and the scholarly community for making a serious study of Rammohun Roy.