Mizoram - Past and Present

Mizoram - Past and Present

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Author: H G Joshi
Publisher: Mittal Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170999979


Mizoram, the land of hills, a state in North-East India occupies important position due to its strategic location. The Mizos are believed to be a part of the great wave of the Mongolian race spilling over into the eastern and southern India centuries ago. Their sojourn in Western Myanmar, around seventh century, is estimated to last about two centuries. The came under the influence of the British Missionaries in the 19th century, and now most of the Mizos are christens. One of the beneficial results of Missionary activities was the spread of education.

This book presents a vivid account of the chequered history of Mizoram and Mizo society. Based on secondary sources viz, Government Documents, notifications, journals, books, memoirs of British officials, Reports of various Committees and Commissions, research findings of various scholars and Mizo academics, this compilation provides authoritative kaleiodoscopic narration, encompassing past history, social mores, ethnicity, culture, economic development, polity, administration, etc., of Mizoram.

Major topics given elaborate treatment are: Mizoram: A Current Overview; historical Review; Social Life in Family and Village; Religion and Transformation; art, crafts and Cultural Forms; Towards Economic Growth and Development; Development Strategy; and Phase of Insurgency in Mizoram. This will prove useful and informative to one and all concerned.