Designing and Developing Organisations for Tomorrow

Designing and Developing Organisations for Tomorrow

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Author: Anup K Singh
Rajen K Gupta/Abad Ahmad
Editor(s): Anup K Singh / Rajen K Gupta / Abad Ahmad
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 356
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761995463


Even as many nations, such as India, are being opened up to global transactions and influence, it is widely accepted that the capability to organize effectively needs to be developed indigenously, keeping in mind cultural nuances. Recognising this, this timely book brings together the reflections and experiences of some of India’s foremost practitioners and scholars in the area of organisation design, development and change in relation to the new challenges thrown up by a globalising economy.

The 20 original essays comprising this volume focus on the issues and challenges faced by organisations and provide insights into the contextual and cultural influences that need to be kept in mind while designing and developing organisations. The essays in the first part specifically address the problems faced by organizations n operating optimally in the context of the changing realities and Indian cultural moorings. Moving ahead from these broad perspectives, the volume includes some pertinent case studies from various sectors of the economy. These range from the realities of a government department providing an essential public service to the change-readiness of a multinational company operating in India. Finally, a set of essays document and reflect upon the current efforts with regard to organization change and development, facilitated by internal and external change agents.

With its wide-ranging coverage and depth of treatment, this unique volume will be invaluable to practitioners and researchers in the area of organization design, change and development. It can also be used as supplementary reading for MBA courses in organization development, change management and human resource management.


This book brings together notes from eminent scholars on how organisation design must develop and change to keep up with the emerging challenges.
-Business Line

Some of the essays focus on the cultural nuances of design, development and change in Indian organisations adapting to globalisation. Case studies from different sectors of the economy buttress the concepts discussed in the volume.
-The Financial Express

This edited book covers the various issues concerning organization design, change and development in great depth in an eminently readable form. The wealth of knowledge, contributed by some of India’s well-known scholars and practitioners in the concerned area, makes this book a must for every personal and institutional library collection on management. Undoubtedly, this book will be an asset to academicians, practitioners and students in general and, those who are working in the area of organizational change and development in particular.
-Management & Change





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McKinsey versus Movement Management: The Two Modes of Major Change PRADIP N KHANDWALLA
Organisational Renewal in India: Some Indigenous Paradigms KALBURGI M SRINIVAS
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Developing an Organisation: Experiences and Experiments in Social Entrepreneurship NAGENDRA P SINGH
Business Turnaround through Organisation Development V N KANTHA RAO
Organisation Development Initiatives in Regional Rural Banks KISHANJIT BASU and PRASANT DAS
Managing Organisational Crisis through Organisation Development RAJESH PANDEY
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