World Terrorism And New Age Movement

World Terrorism And New Age Movement

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Author: Naunihal Singh
Publisher: Authors Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 302
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172730950


International terrorism is nothing more nor less than the wants and willful taking of human life, the purposeful commission of serious bodily harm, and the international infliction of severe mental distress by force or threat of force.

The threat is inexorable, but there appears within the world community only the barest perception of immediate concern to world public order.

The book analyses the recent events that have once again dramatically demonstrated that international terror has created a continuing world crisis.



Causes of Terrorism
Terror and Humanity
Terror and International Relations
Strategy of Terrorism
Terrorist Organisations
Organisations to Combat Terror
India Terrorism
Religion and Terrorism
Tate Terrorism
Nuclear Terrorism
The Nightmare of Biological Terrorism
Terror and International Business
War of Democracy against Terrorism
Deterrence against Terrorism
Why do They Hate US So?
Bin Laden’s Pakistan Connection
Pakistan, Taliban and Terror
Islamic Militancy Challenges the World
Anti-terror Measures