Security in South Asia - Cross Border Analysis

Security in South Asia - Cross Border Analysis

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Author: R C Mishra
Publisher: Authors Press
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 352
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172730381


South Asia ranks with the most insecure of global regions even in the morning of the new century. The region has never been free of significant threats to the well-being of individuals, communities and states. Appreciation of the security needs of South Asia as elsewhere requires students of international and regional area studies to broaden the way they conceptualise security, the study of which has been customarily focused on the coercive relations among states.

Whatever security regime emerges ascendant, it would be comforting to assume that it will prevail because it is best able to assume responsibility for the highest measure of well-being and enlightenment for the greatest number of people, a security that will touch as much on economic and social development as on political defensiveness. This book exhaustively explores the new challenges to South Asian security from different view points. The purpose is intended to aware the readers about the various aspects of external as well as internal security of South Asia.


South Asian Security
India and Bangladesh
India and Bhutan
India and Maldives
India and Nepal
India and Pakistan
India and Sri Lanka
India, Nepal and Bhutan
US and SAARC Cooperation
Security in South Asia: Cross Border Analysis
US Policy Towards India and Pakistan
Drug Trafficking in South Asia
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