Indian Art and Aesthetics - Endeavours in Interpretation

Indian Art and Aesthetics - Endeavours in Interpretation

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Author: Maruti Nandan Tiwari
Kamal Giri/
Editor(s): Maruti Nandan Tiwari / Kamal Giri
Publisher: Aryan
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 124
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173052638


Indian art reflects the intimate relationship of ideas and life along with material and spiritual world, expressed through different visual forms in sculpture, painting and architecture. This book aims at presenting various shades of Indian art in a historical perspective and contains not only the unpublished material but also the analyses ad fresh interpretations on different aspects of Indian art including Buddhist and Jaina iconography, aesthetics and art appreciation and painting. The discussions on the Indian jade-carving, rare yogini, Visvarupa and Visnu images are also significant.

The present volume thus aims at documenting and analyzing some of the living and past traditions of Indian art. Profusely illustrated, the book will be equally useful for the scholars, researchers and all others interested in the art heritage of India.