Appreciation of Indian Art - Ideals & Images

Appreciation of Indian Art - Ideals & Images

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Author: C P Sinha
U C Dwivedi/
Editor(s): C P Sinha / U C Dwivedi
Publisher: Aryan
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 206
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173052913


Art in India, as in other countries of the world, was principally devoted to the service of religion. It reflects the intimate relationship of ideas and life. Mythology, symbolism and iconography are just vehicles or aids to understand the essence and spirit of Indian art as each symbol or every icon has a specific purpose. To appreciate and enjoy Art in its proper perspective, it is imperative to understand the inner meaning and the philosophy behind the creation of the art piece. The enjoyment, which art gives is of unique kind (vilaksnavada) and is quite different from other kinds of enjoyment in life (alaukika)

The present volume aims at documenting and analyzing different aspects of Indian art focusing primarily on appreciation and aesthetics. Fresh evidences in the subject are marshaled and new aspects have been outlined. The theme is thus viewed from a refreshingly original angle. The lucid exposition of the delicate theme is sure to facilitate a deeper comprehension and evoke stimulating response from art lovers and scholars.