She - In Search of Light

She - In Search of Light

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Author: Santosh Goyal
Publisher: The Women Press
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 184
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189110012


She-In search of Light is a story of the search of identity of women. The search, which she has been doing since she stepped in the patriarchal society. With the advent of patriarchal system of society, woman has been losing her own identity and finally became a property of the father, brother or husband and even of the society, which is in the hold of the men folk. She is not considered even a living being. If at all she is treated as a living person it is only as a second grade person.

Risham, who though born in a hamlet to a small time school-teacher, aspires to become her own self by going for higher education? She not only desires to be educated but also economically independent. She wanted to be a liberated person not the one in shackles.

She had the higher studies, gets a good job but where is the liberation, still far away. Her life is a story of getting jolts after jolts, which confirms her belief that it is curse to be born a girl. In fact, it is her mother who wants her to keep in a straight jacket by marrying her off at a very young age but her father sees in her a very promising child who can cross any height. Actually the father also, according to her sees a male child in her that is where the whole anomaly of life lies.

The main burden of the Novel is to bring out the fact how a woman is viewed in the social set up, how she is treated and what fate she has to meet at, is the ultimate analysis.

This is the story of human relations in making and breaking. It is the story of character that have their aspirations, their beliefs, their thinking, their values and their defeats. But the important thing is that every difficulty which one faces, every defeat which one gets gives strength and courage to face it with more vigor and vitality. Every dark night has a lighted morning behind it.